Your favorite prog rock music? ?

I was just listening to, and burning some CDs for work when I heard "Time and a Word." I started thinking about some of the prog rock I have, but wondered what I should have that I don't have...

I mean music!
Old favorites:
ELP - Brain Salad Surgery and Trilogy
Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
Rush - Hemispheres

New favorites:
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia and Lightbulb Sun
Dream Theater - Images and Words
Tool - Lateralus

Many others, but these come quickly to mind...
I used to be a real maven on the subject-I've aged and gone in different directions. I can, however, give u some ideas:

Yes-Close to the Edge and Topographic Oceans (Latter is a controversial choice as many hate it)
Genesis-Selling England (A killer great work)
ELP-Tarkus (Most would say Brain Salad)
Hawkwind-Space Ritual (Trust me, it's an original. By the way, "do not panic".)
Pink Floyd-Meddle
Tull-Thick as a Brick (It's progressive, I guess, but more in the "art" camp)

This is a decent start.
Old Faves:
Jethro Tull - "Heavy Horses", a (mostly) acoustic masterpiece!
Todd Rundgren's "Utopia" (1st album with the eye cover)
King Crimson - Most any, but "Lark's Tongues in Aspic" (with Bill Bruford drumming!) and "Islands" are personal favorites.

New faves:
THE FLOWER KINGS - Don't mind the name, these guys from Sweden are incredible! Yes, you can find references to ELP, YES, Crimson, and Genesis all over the place, but they are also quite original. "Stardust We Are" is possibly one of the top 10 prog rock double albums of all time, and "Rainmaker" is also great, with a little heavier metal emphasis. (I use a track from that album - "Road to Sanctuary" - to demo my system - decently recorded, with well recorded classical and acostic guitars and a vocal in the middle section that comes from the extreme right and waaaay back in the soundstage).

I'll strongly 2nd the PORCUPINE TREE recommendation by Tvad.

KEVIN GILBERT "The Shaming of the True" a truly incredible piece of work, a prog concept masterpiece, worth hunting down. Also see "Toy Matinee" and "Thud"

Ambrosia's first.
King Crimson. "In The Court Of The Crimson King".
Tangerine Dream. Anything from the 70"s and 80's, but the best is "LOGOS Live"!
Nektar's "A Tab In The Ocean" and "Remember The Future".
Synergy. "Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra"
I'm showing my age with these picks.
In the Court of the Crimson King
Close to the Edge
In Search of the Lost Chord
Lark's Tongue in Aspic
Starless and Bible Black
Gentle Giant
The Aerosol Grey Machine
OK Computer
Kid A

and on and on and on
Canderbury Scene!!!

National Health
Hatfield & The North
Soft Machine

Clever synthesis of jazz improvisation and rock rhythms!!!!!1111
Let me add to my list the following:

King Crimson-Starless and Bible Black (heavy)
King Crimson-Larks Tongues (really heavy)
Strawbs-Hero and Heroine (folky elements in this band add character to the prog feel)
Eno-Another Green World (really more "ambient" than prog)
Moodies-Question of Balance
Nektar-Remember the Future
Queen - pomp and operatic rock.
Rush 2112 was a classic too

good thread!
You guys listed all of mine except Renaissance. Most specifically "Ashes Are Burning" and "Turn of the Cards".

I would also add Alan Parsons, Caravan, Camel and It's a Beautiful Day.
Thanks to Lindisfarne
for adding "Tales from Topographic Oceans" to the list. I honestly haven't listened to the thing in years -- I don't even own it at present -- but as soon as I saw the topic, it was the first record that strang to mind. It's astonishingly self-indulgent throughout -- what prog rock wasn't -- but there are moments of nearly unparalleled beauty to be found therein. I once had the great good pleasure of hearing them play some of it live (and outdoors) way back in the 1970s, and just recalling that night can bring a smile. I'm gonna go look around on eBay for a vinyl copy right now. Thanks for the notion.
Lindisfarne, thanks just dusted off Tarkus for the first time in years and Hawkwind's next!

I was a big Budgie fan back in the mid-70's. I never could figure out why they weren't more popular in the US. Bandolier is probably my favorite, followed by Squawk and Never Turn Your Back on a Friend.


In addition to many listed:
Camel - all of their stuff
Illusion - " " (Illusion is the original Rennaisance so you should also check out the first 2 Rennaisance albums before Annie Haslam and co)

That's the 70's stuff, some more current acts include:

Gordian Knot
Chroma Key
Rush Hemisheres

Camel Snowgoose

Crack the sky animal notes

Starcastle Fountains of light

Happy the man Crafty Hands This will lead you into The Current and Past World of Progressive Rock.Its still going very strong,Bigger now than in the 70's.Check the Forum and links for Music dealers,Tours[Nektar is coming this year]Nektar has 2 outstanding current DVD videos out. and Prog Internet Radio Stations.Porcupine Tree live DVD "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here" is out now.A few old fav's are The Ultimate"Tarkus",Genesis-The Lamb,Lots of Jethro Tull,Nektar-Tab in the Ocean[Any lp actually] and of course Eloy-Ocean[A classic concept album] and Live.The MAIN more recent Prog album's everyone should have are from a Band in Sweden called ANGLAGARD.They released 2 studio albums on cd and lp in the 90's Hybris and Epilog and a live cd,Buried alive.All out of print collectors albums now.Hybris lp $160 up.The Band is broken up now and there is an online petition[Thousands of signatures]for them to release recordings they did at a US Festival.Their 2 Studio albums are Absolute Masterpieces,Mellatron soaked,Outstanding Musicians.If you think King Crimson LP's are great then......Step up a level or two.
OH MY GOSH so many prog rockers!
I've got 'em all...
You're missing:

Happy the Man - two LP's from late 70's BETTER than G.G.
Jade Warrior (the four Island pressings from '74-78)
Brand X - Unorthodox Behavior, Morrocan Roll and Livestock
Bill Bruford's solos - specifically One of a Kind
Steve Hackett solos - spec. Spectral Mornings and Defector
UK - 1st one and Live
PFM - Jet lag my favorite
Allan Holdsworth solos - jazz fusion or prog?? hard to say
same goes for Jeff Beck - Wired and Blow by Blow
Guru Guru
Pierre Moerlin's Gong - (ok I see somebody else mentioned Gong)
Anthony Phillips - Geese and the Ghost is best
Vangelis - China is my favorite
Supertramp - Crisis, what Crisis? I'll consider them in the prog. camp
Matching Mole

To all you Genesis, Gentle Giant, Renaissance, Camel, Yes (WELL OF COURSE YES!)King K. et all fans, I salute you.
Don't forget the new stuff: Flower Kings, Ozric Tentacles, Planet X
How to tell a true prog. rock vinyl audiophile:
1. Owns 1st edition UK pressings (red and plum Atlantic) of Fragile and The Yes Album
2. Owns original UK 1st pressing Island pink "eye" pressing of Tull's Stand UP
3. Owns MoFi pressings of Aqualung, Close to the Edge, Scherazade(spelling??), Crime of the Century, DSOM, Trick of the Tale, Alan Parson's "Tales...Poe", I Robot, Trilogy, Tarkus, and ?? any I forgot.
The Cars
My prefernces fall pretty much inline with Super_Agent_86-
No prog collection would be complete without good represntation of the Canterbury bands, esp.
Hatfield & the North, Caravan, Camel, Gryphon, Matching Mole, Henry Cow, Happy the Man, National Health and Soft Machine.
WOW Caterham!!! I forgot to mention Robert Wyatt legacy. Matching Mole and so on. How about "Rudy Is Stranger Than Richard", "Rock Bottom" and "Shleep"? True gems!!!!!!!!!
The Cars. Progressive Music?
I don't think so.
Lot of good ones mentioned, but Dream Theater has to be included in my opinion. Probably the most technical of the groups.
Where's Ken Golden ? (he's posted here before). Nice to see Guru Guru and Budgie listed. A vast range of stuff gets labled as prog rock. If you're coming from Yes/Time and a Word. You might like Finnforest, Ragnarok (the Swedish band), PFM (Per un Amico) or early Gryphon. There's an icredible amount of mind altering rock influenced music from A.D.D. Trio to Zu that's worth checking out. It's time to quit your job and get to it.
The cars??? Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Center of the Earth and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. ELP - The first album w/ Lucky Man
R_burke! You beat me to Ozric Tentacles! :) Here's another great band that came to me, IQ.
anybody digs on CAN prog-dudes??
i like their every single album they've ever created and also solo albums of its members as well.
i have the whole Expedit(bookshelf from IKEA) "cell" filled with CAN!!
rare bird, barclay james harvest, kevin ayers, jane, flash, focus, affinity...yada yada
Egad, this brings back memories!

I'd add:
Badger, One Live Badger
PFM, PFM (from Italy!?!)
Split Enz, Mental Notes, Disrythmia
and my personal favorite late period obscure but terrific prog rock band:
Polyrock - Robertson brothers on guitars and guest player Phillip Glass on keyboards.
All right! I'm jumpin' in! A lot of the older, original groups have been listed already. My fave-o-rite NEW prog-rock group? Porcupine Tree!! Gonna see 'em 2 days in a row next month. For some *obscure* prog-rock, check out Symphonic Slam with Timo Laine and his 6 string polyphonic synthesizer - awesome!

Hey Lindisfarne, I also have the original Lindisfarne album - bought it solely because I LOVED the cover!

One other group I have not seen mentioned is Starcastle, they had several fairly popular albums back in the early 70s.
I didn't see the following yet:

Mike Oldfield - can't have a list w/o him. All of his are worth having.
Robert Wyatt - we have Soft Machine and Matching Mole, but his solo stuff beats both, and the recordings are more "audiophile quality" - Super_agent_86 mentioned his solo works but it deserves emphasis.

Also more current -
Mostly Autumn - for fans of Rennaisance and Illusion - also a little bit of Pink Floyd in there
Bjorn Lynn - heavy Synth work
Robert Wyatt - we have Soft Machine and Matching Mole, but his solo stuff beats both, and the recordings are more "audiophile quality"

I agree!!!!!!!!!!
Where does progressive stop and alternative begin? T Rex, Tommy Bolin, Love & Rockets?

Jim S.
No one mentioned Santana yet...or Roxy music.. or 10cc ....but I'd include them in prog rock IMHO...although may be I am stretching the boundaries. For me Art rock is part of prog rock. I would not count the Cars as prog rock.....but then do you draw the line?
I have to say it again....great thread!
I would not include 10CC, T Rex, Tommy Bolin, Roxy Music, or Santana. Where do you draw the line? Interesting question but if you take any of the agreed upon progressive bands i.e. King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis (with Gabriel) and compare any of the work to "Bang a Gong", "Black Magic Woman", "Love is the Drug", or "The Things We Do For Love", that's where I draw the line.

For the older folks - Greenslade and Uriah Heap and don't forget Hawkwind
Unbelievable ! I thought I was the only one who listened to these classic relics! Someone else owns a PFM LP?
Anyone else own "Scarlet Rivera"?

PS - Awesome thread. Now I don't feel so alone...
I grew up on Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Camel, etc. Current artists of interest: Porcupine Tree ('In Absentia,' 'Deadwing'), The Pineapple Thief ('Variations On a Dream'), Transatlantic ('S.M.P.T.E,' 'Bridge Across Forever'). is a good place to read listener reviews.
then...Uriah Heep, Demons & Wizards, you guys nailed everything else nicely. I can still listen to the 1st ELP disc today unlike much of the stuff already mentioned including the Heep.

All the above (except the Cars) plus a few more I have in my collection:

Henry Cow
Slapp Happy
The Nice
Van der Graaf Generator (alluded to by Audiofeil)
Procol Harum
The Enid
Spocks Beard
Liquid Tension Experiment
Mars Volta

and a few who are maybe classified as Prog Jazz or Fusion but I feel can be concidered Prog Rock:

Dixie Dregs
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Jean-Luc Ponty
Return To Forever
Triumverat, Grobschnitt, The Nice, Van de Graaf Generator.

Very highly recommended:
Triumverat - Illusions on a Double Dimple, Spartacus
Grobschnitt - Rockpommel's Land

I've got one record of the others but haven't listened to them in years. Time to fire up the record cleaner.....
I think someone needs to define Progresive Rock. I always felt it was when other elements or styles of music were introduced to Rock n Roll. Example side two of King Crimson's Lizard or Moody Blues Days of Futures past.
hugg, manfred mann's chapter 3, 801, anything on vertigo(the real 'nirvana') or harvest gets in and up front.
once you have a hit single, you move to pop/rock. its a record store law.
Jsd52756 I have a Scarlet Rivera LP, I like it!

Has anyone listened to early Modern English like After the Snow?" It sounds like early Pink Floyd on less acid!
Some great bands listed above. I second all the Porcupine Tree and Flower King recommendations and would add:

The Tangent
Early Spock's Beard

JSD; I have a copy of Scarlet Rivera.

Also the term progressive rock was coined in response to groups that started to write longer songs which allowed the musicians to play solo's on their instruments. Kind of like Rock n Roll's response to improvisation in jazz.