Your favorite one-man band!

On my list

1. Jean Michelle Jare -- Second to no one. 
2. Buckethead -- best one-man guitar band using special effects, loops, pedals and drum buttons on his guitar.
3. Tommy Emanuel -- super good electro acoustic finger style guitar player.
4. Henry Kaiser -- sophisticated guitars with special effects.
5. Bill Nelson -- similar to Henry Kaiser.
Jare had his moments, sure. Emanuel is funny, not familiar with the rest.
Mike Oldfield  "Tubular Bells", 1973 - composed, arranged & played all instruments at 17
Vangelis is an incomparably better composer than musician. Wrote great soundtracks.

Great subject!

Dave Edmunds, the fantastic Welsh guitarist, singer, and producer (The Everly Brothers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Stray Cats, his and Nick Lowe’s Group Rockpile, many others). His first two albums Rockpile (album title, not the Group) and Subtle As A Flying Mallet are mostly all he playing and singing every note. My favorite living musician.

Emitt Rhodes, whose self-titled debut album is he alone playing every instrument and singing every note of the all self-written songs. Better than the released-around-the-same-time debut solo album by my next nominee.

Paul McCartney, obvious but still worthy.

Pete Townshend; listen to any of his completely self produced demos! Even Glyn Johns said of Pete in his autobiography that he was often intimidated by the quality of Pete's demos that often topped his best production efforts.
I was at this show -

My boy Lindsey Buckingham armed with an electric guitar, a looper, some effects pedals and a click/rhythm track:

Some need 4 or even 6 strings while others only need one to make magic.
Hew, that's cool.
I think, whoever the musician might be, one man cannot be a band. I suspect even Paganini who is generally considered the best musician of all times, though not at all the best composer. You need at least two people. The two best duos I heard are Lisa Gerrard/Brendan Perry and John McLaughlin/Paco de Lucia.
I once saw the late great Michael Hedges play "Low Spark of High Healed Boys" on his acoustic guitar. It sounded like several people playing. Todd Rundgren plays all of the instruments on several of his albums Moby has a great time in the studio by himself. Basically, for better or worse, technology allows many artists to perform by themselves and sound like a full band. 
stevie wonder plays everything except guitar on his best records...
skip spence played all the instruments on the outside classic "oar"

Funny you should mention Todd Rundgren.  On his record A Capella, every sound is Todd's voice (often electrically manipulated).  It's kind of an ultimate "one man band" in that he needs zero strings (or keys, or anything else).

That album also contains one of IMO the most beatiful ballads of the pop/rock era - "Pretending to Care".  Ironically, the version on A Capella isn't my favorite, but it's certainly an ambitious take on the song.
Jackson Browne. I know he usually has a band, but he did a series of "Solo Acoustic" albums and shows. I saw him, in concert,  twice during this time.

FANTASTIC shows and music!
I back HAROLD-NOT-THE-BARREL: Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield!!!
Jean-Michel Jarre also but it is not quite the same, practically all Electronic Music is a "one man band", I have so many favorites here that dont know where to start: Jarre or Klaus Schulze, or Pyramid Peak, or Der Spyra, dunno
Jon Brion.
My boy Lindsey Buckingham armed with an electric guitar, a looper, some effects pedals and a click/rhythm track

Mega dittos on this one!

Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
Weasel Walter. 
Tommy Emanuel -- Bass
Tommy Emanuel -- Drums
Tommy Emanuel -- Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Emanuel -- Lead Guitar.
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I've seen Tommy Emmanuel live and own everyone of his albums.....amazing talent!
Tomas Forseberg (ace) (rip)


none better, man was a genius and inventor of several styles of metal.   May Valhalla's breezes keep you cool my brother

I just heard Marshall Crenshaw's fantastic version of Dylan's "My Back Pages" on You Tube. You may have heard The Byrds excellent hit version, but I like Marshall's version, found on the Bleecker Street various artists album, even more. And that reminded me that he is a multi-instrumentalist, playing and singing every part on his super-fine #447 album.
Jason Molina
Bill Callahan
Lyle Lovett (per the Jackson Browne post)
Richard Thompson

Chris Smither
Two of the most talented/interesting musicians I've seen on stage:
The Legendary Tigerman - alter ego of real musician Paulo Furtado
Yann Tiersen. 
My favorite one man band is a buddy of mine - Rob Armus.

i especially enjoy his renditions of folk/blues classics - check out a sample of his one man efforts
Inna I tend to disagree! If you know the instrument called accordion, than an accordionist is one-man band by default. 
Andrew Gold
Stephen Stills