Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?

I've been auditioning speakers in the $5k to $8k range. I liked some of the Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, and even B&Ws in that range. Maybe it was the setup but in the back of my mind thought all of these could sound exciting but also fatiguing long term. And I'd hate to spend that kind of doe with that being the case.

I'm looking to use a solid state Cary amp and the tubed Cary SLP 05 pre for electronics FWIW.

From other threads I'm hearing Proacs Joseph Audio Aerials Harbeth and others may fit the bill. What are your favorite speakers for musicality and lack of listening fatigue? I'll be traveling to the next state to audition more next week.
My re-decision to sell was based on economics. The insurance company didn't pay as much on the Parsifals as they lead me to believe, and on top of that I realize I'll have to change my amp, speaker cables and possibly interconnects. I'll also be partially or completely out of pocket on them as well.

I was getting some high level frequency that was a bit fatiguing and that was traced surprisingly to my Cary Cinema 5 amp. (Not surprisingly actually considering it had been dropped, badly damaged and fixed and then subject to a power surge).

Someone came by the house with some $750 25 watt amp made in Hong Kong and my jaw hit the ground after how much better the Parsifals sounded. No more high freq fatigue and the Parsifals sounded stunning. The guy also brought some speakers he wanted to sell but after hearing the Parsifals said he's never had the experience of being in the room with the performers they way he did with the Parcifals. Didn't even bother connecting his speakers.

(And again this was from his 25 watt amp, not my Cary 200watt solid state).

But after getting shorted on my insurance payout for the Parsifals and now having to also buy an amp, DAC, speaker and interconnect cables (that were fried too) it makes sense to aim for a more humble system where I can put out considerably less cash on all fronts.

I've made the mistake in the past of wasting good speakers on average electronics. But it's with very mixed feelings after hearing how amazing the Parsifals sound with just incremental improvements in equipment. I can only imagine what they must sound like with really serious electronics behind them.
Hang on Larry. Get your power issues figured out. You sound like the guy in the movie "Powder", I think it was called.

Hope it all work out in the best!
I think Larrybou hit on something that bears mentioning.

Sometimes 'easy to live with' speakers are the most 'non-fatiguing' if you will, because it is 'fatiguing' to try to get really good speakers to work in your room. With your electronics. And cables. And WAF. And neighbors.

It's enough to take the fun out of things.

This is a great hobby, but it's mentally demanding because we are trying to combine emotional response with an analytical mental process, with 'value' (which is often at war with the said emotional goal), etc.

I have heard that the definition of 'contentment' is not chasing or wanting what you don't have; but is instead 'wanting' what you already have.

A desktop system or a small speaker with an integrated tube amp may be just the ticket, because all of the competing mental and financial demands don't interfere with the listening.

Having said that of course, I'm now off to search for big speakers and big amps. With big power cords.

non fatiguing smooth sounding speakers might be boring after several minutes of listening.