Your favorite music over the holidays

I remember Christmas of 1968 very clearly. My best friend's dad had a Dynaco integrated tube set up, Dual turntable with Shure cartridge and big AR speakers. My friend got "The White Album" for Christmas and I spent as much time as possible at his house that vacation week while we listened and listened on his dad's system to that wonderful just-released double-record set. His parents' sitter also brought records over that vacation week and I got to stay over and hear for the first time "Are You Experienced" and "Cheap Thrills."

We were both in 6th grade and hooked on rock, Cream, Who, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane etc. And Zeppelin was just around the corner...

So those are "de rigeur" playing on vinyl for me over the holidays.

What are some of yours?
Steve, I too got the White Album for Christmas that year. This year I have been spending time with the Cream 2005 reunion concert DVD. Some things do get better with age..
Leroy anderson
Vince Guaraldi "A Charlie Brown Christmas", hands down. Get the CD, it's fabulous. Also David Benoit offers his version recorded more recently than the original tunes.
Robert shaw. 'Songs of Angels - Christmas Hymns & Carols' Best singing ever. 'Many moods of Christmas' with the atlanta sym is great also.
Branca, Flipper.
Charles Browns 'Cool Christmas Blues'. It's simply fantastic and I can't wait to play it.
Have to agree with Mapman, I get out my original Mercury Living Presence "Nutcracker" on vinyl, an FR-1 pressing- my niece's favorite holiday music as well.
Austin Rhythm and Blues Christmas. Miss Lou Ann is pretty cool.
Heck on Christmas morning my parents would give me one wrapped package and inside would be around a half dozen albums.
For me if I had to choose one album and I don't know what it was but it was Ravi Shankar.My brother came back from his tour in japan with a stereo system with a Teac reel to reel during the Cristmas Holidays and he set it up in the living room and had it playing. I'm upstairs sleeping,comming down off a hit of orange barrel and my mind and my body are getting re- introduced to the high of the nght before. I can see why this music puts people in a trance.
I am with Donjr on Charles Brown. Another great Christmas album is Bruce Cockburn's "Christmas". I get kind of burned out by the Musak carols constantly played at the grocery store. The Cockburn album is just acoustic guitar and refreshing.
Sinatra all the way. Dylan a close second.