Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo

Of all the musical performances I own on recorded format, whether they be LP or CD, there are certain guitar solos that are the most engaging and memorable. You know, the ones that when they're over, you just sit there speechless, wondering "How the hell did they just do that"?

As with anything, there are certain performances when everything was "just right". When the musician had that "perfect connection" between themselves and the instrument. This is not limited to acoustic or electric, live or studio, or any specific discipline of music. It also does not necessarily have to be your favorite guitarist. Very simply, your favorite guitar solo.

I would like to hear your opinions. This would be a great thread for providing exposure to other listeners, to material that they may be unaware of. If possible, also name the album that the solo is from.

My two favorites would have to be:

Jeff Beck / "The Golden Road" off of "There And Back".

John Mc Laughlin / "Every Tear From Every Eye" off of "Electric Guitarist"

Thanks for your responses.

I saw Fleetwood Mac a few weeks back and thought I'd resurrect this thread to add "I'm So Afraid" by Lindsey Buckingham. Unfortunately, they didn't play "Come" this time around, but the solo on that one is an absolute monster, too.

1. Jimi Hendrix-woodstock 2. AC/DC(Angus Young) back in black-shame! they had to fade it in the end 3. Fleetwood Mac-Lindsay Buckingham-Tango in the night(this guy is underated)
Underrated guitarist who hasn't been mentioned yet: Prince. Check out the guitar work on "Let's Go Crazy" from Purple Rain and "I Can Never Take the Place of Your Man" from Sign 'O The Times. My alltime favorite Prince solo is "Bambi" (plus the lyrics are great)'s a link to a live performance:

Also Vernon Reid (leader of Living Colour) absolutely rocks. Love the solo on "Cult of Personality".