Your favorite LP nobody has ever heard of

I prefer threads that talk about music than gear...and here is one. I assume everybody has a "go to"LP in their collection. A record that has formed a deep connection. A record you are protective of. A record you want to keep to yourself. A record so personal it hurts to reveal. For me it is... the Church...the Blurred Crusade.
It's an LP of 1959 field recordings of obscure Mississippi bluesmen. The performances are raw and electrifying. Even better, its a superb recording. On the right gear you can hear birds chattering in the trees way off to the side, seemingly from outside your room, on one track. On another you can hear the floorboards creaking under the musician. There's a duet between a fiddle player and guitar player that has such precise images that you can perceive them moving about slightly during the song. The last song on the second side is an astounding recording of a music therapy session in a mental hospital.
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel " A Closer Look " Love this LP,but not many others seem to have heard it ,,or like it once they have heard it. There are a few on this thread I will have to check out.
Phasecorrect, bad winters are a blessing. you get 3 times the joy in spring and summer as someone who lives in CA,AZ or FL etc.
NO joke.
Audiogon seems to have trimmed off the subject line where I gave the title and label. The album is "Country Negro Jam Session" on Arhoolie.