Your Favorite Holiday Recordings Are?

Happy Hollandaise to all!

What is your favorite music of the season? Also, what do you like that is also well recorded?

Best, Jim
Mannheim Steamroller's holiday releases of course
Cantante Domino - this is a fabulous recording of beautifully performed choral works with some nice organ too. The vinyl is mind blowing, but the CD is thoroughly enjoyable too.

I understand it is now out of print but you may still be able to get a copy if you try hard enough.

Recorded using a ReVox A-77 (15 ips. half track, 1/4" tape) and a pair of mic's, plugged directly into the deck. Gives those of us who own ReVox R2R decks a sense of pride.
Well, there's always Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When I was demoing 8 billion cable brands, I had some Nordost in with all solid state stuff. Trans-Siberian Orchestra X-Mas music really kicked some a. Didn't really care for the Nordost otherwise, though...

There's always Bach's lighter stuff as well.
Harry Connick Jr's Christmas album, and of course the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer soundtrack . . . . and, yes, I have to admit it, John Denver and Ralph the Dog dueting on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" . .. .
Happy X-MAS (War is Over)- John Lennon-still can't believe it, 22 years Dec 8 that John has been gone.
Thanks to all. Every year my sons and I try to add at least one new CD/SACD that will become part of our holiday tradition.

Thanks, Jim
Playing Anne Murray's CD "Christmas Wishes" on Christmas eve has become a tradition in our family over the last 7-8 years. Good recordings of traditional Christmas music-- don't know if it's still available. Cheers. Craig
Grisman Acoustic Christmas.
A Christmas Spanking by The Asylum Street Spankers.
"Christmas Is Coming" Rob Mathes with Michael McDonald, Vanessa Williams, David Sanborn and others. The compositions are just so beautiful. One of my absolute favorites and..... I'm Jewish !!! :)
The "Jingle Cats" is by far the finest.
Hey folks Let's not forget Nat King Cole's christmas album. Is there really anything in that league other than Charlie Brown's christmas or the Bing Crosby piece. I'm talking real christmas raise the hair on your neck pretend your watching scrooge on christmas eve waiting for Santa stuff.
"Blue Yule". 18 Christmas songs by folks like Lightning Hopkins, Louis Jordan, Poppa Hop, Sonny Boy Williamson, Detroit Junior. All blues, all classic... On Rhino Records.
Esquivel - "Merry Xmas from the Space Age Bachelor Pad".
Vince Guaraldi Trio: Charlie Brown Christmas Music. A real classic!

James Taylor's Merry Little Christmas on his new album is a new favourite.

If you like the Anne Murray Christmas CD, you might check out her "Croonin" CD...if you don't already have it. Some of the best covers of standards since Rosie Clooney and Ella.

Thanks to all of you, I now have a number of new titles to add to our collection.

P.S. Craig, ...Cheers is a wonderful salutation of good will...far from a cliche!

Best, Jim
Ottmar Liebert's "Poets and Angels" CD. Christmas favorites arranged for flamenco guitar. I know, I know. It all comes off quite well, though.
The only Xmas CD is can listen to is
the Charlie Brown Christmas Album
with the Vince Guaraldi Trio