Your Favorite Holiday Album

Figured it’s time to start this thread for this time of year ... so what album gets you into the holiday mood? Outside of the obvious (Guaraldi), one of my go-to faves is the original Argo pressings of the Ramsey Lewis Trio Sound of Christmas... both the mono and stereo mixes are great!
Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt
I Believe In Father Christmas - ELP
Yes, Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas is more or less perfect for this time of year.

As for something more modern Michael Buble’s Christmas goes down well in this household. Doesn’t disgrace himself in comparison to the standards, and excellent sonics too.

My long time favorite is A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector, which contains the fantastic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", written by Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, and Spector, and sung by the great Darlene Love, one of my favorite female singers.

I just ordered Christmas Everywhere, the new album by Rodney Crowell on New West Records, available on LP and CD. New West LP's have a sticker on the shrink wrap that reads "Audio Mastered For Vinyl" (whatever than means).

For more sacred Christmas music, there is a lot from Classical composers, J.S. Bach being foremost. His Christmas Oratorio and Magnificat in E-flat major are must-haves, as is Handel's Messiah.

Love Guaraldi and the Spector LPs too! Another couple that always work there way into my playlists are Sarah McLaughlan's Wintersong and the Beach Boys Christmas album. 
If all this leaves you feeling like a perky consumer automaton, offset with some Zappa and a local craft beer. Cheers,
Fourplay "Snowbound"  
Ok, so don’t shoot me, but I grew up in a household with lots of Muzak-y stuff, and a Christmas perennial was “Christmas with the Three Suns” ... several different RCA pressings over the years (all mono), and I have multiple copies. The bells and chimes shimmer if your cartridge can track it, and that accordion... oh boy!
OK, here's something a little different from the previous posters:  On Yoolis Night by the Anonymous 4.  For those of you who don't know the Anonymous 4, they are a four-woman acapella group focusing on medieval music.  This is an excellent recording by Harmonia Mundi.  The harmonies seem to float in the air, perfectly depicting for me the spirit of the season.
Still The Nutcracker.    
I have the On Yoolis Night, Jim, but haven't yet played it. I've never heard a bad, or even mediocre, Harmonia Mundi album. My favorite Classical label.
I’ll second On Yoolis Night ... perfect Christmas Eve music.

in the jazz vein, there’s great stuff by Don Patterson, Bobby Timmons, and Kenny Burrell.

Jafreeman, have you checked out Russ Freeman’s or Boney James first Christmas offerings?

I have said this before, and I will say it again. Glen Campbell. I have about 50 Christmas discs of all sorts, pop, classical, etc., and I enjoy them all, but his first Christmas disc is in every way perfection. It was out of print for years in the US, and cost over $100 for one made in the UK. It is now available on a label called ICON inexpensively, check Amazon. There's a picture of Glen's face on the front outdoors, and it's snowing. Every song is perfect, and brimming with authentic feeling. The production is very good, he's right there up close with you. This disc is a must have! I feel so strongly about it that 3 years ago I ripped a copy for everyone in my family and mailed one to each of the eight. Get it! I've been listening to it for well over 43 years, and it NEVER gets old. 

2nd and 3rd place go to The Carpenters double great, and Randy Travis' Old Time Christmas...beautiful.

I despise "Holiday Music" but, I do play Handel's Messiah once during the Christmas season each year. For old time's sake.
Hey Elizabeth, what’s your take on the Corelli “Christmas” concertos?
It will show my ignorance... I never heard of them. Sorry.
Check them out... some of my favorite Baroque music.

I enjoy Christmas music, all kinds from pop to unordinary. If you need  something different  try the 5-disk album from Sufjan Stevens. Traditional, simple, and sincere.

+1 for ilikemiles' suggestion on Corelli. 
George Winston - December (vinyl recording on Windham Hill)


Beatles - White Album (have listened to it on Christmas day every year since I first heard it as a young kid Christmas, 1968)
Happy Xmas (War is Over) - Lennon
OK, while we’re talking unordinary, the ventures Christmas album manages to take most of the greatest surf rock anthems and morph them into Christmas songs. Wonderfully cheesy and wildly creative....
Charles Brown 'Cool Christmas Blues'. No relation to Charlie, the cartoon character.
@ilikemiles, The Ventures Christmas album was the first xmas album I owned. The Mosrite guitars they played on the album have that great twangy sound they are known for (except for Johnny Ramones' ;-) . When I last saw them live (on a cruise ship tour to Mexico with Los Straitjackets), they were back to playing Fenders. Drummer Mel Taylor had passed away, but his son was now their drummer! The other three Ventures were still alive and playing okay, but not like when they were young. Los Straitjackets were much better.
bdp24, thanks for the context! Cool story. 

The other Christmas album I would give a shout out to from that era is James Brown’s “Santa’s got a brand new bag”....
Elvis Presley Christmas Album and the Carpenters.
Soulful Strings - The Magic Of Christmas.
+1 for Elvis.  There are others I like, but if I only listen to one it is Elvis'.I simply HAVE to hear Blue Christmas (track 1) every year or I just might die.