Your Favorite High Quality Audio Bulk Cable Manufacturer?

Who is your favorite audio cable manufacturer? What is your go to Brand? 


Think Belden, 1X Technologies, Monster Cable and other high end Brands like that.

What cables in particular do you lean on when upgrading your system?

Would you consider using a lesser known cable if it proved to be just as effective for you? 

Duelund stranded copper wire in cotton. Just real  sounding and so natural in tone. A killer value. 
I absolutely second grannyring's recommendation with the Dueland cable.  Pick your terminations.   Fabulous wire for both IC's and for speaker cables.  The sound of the wire is so clean, clear, and extended that it surprises me that more folks like aren't devotees of it.  It sounds rather like "no wire at all."  Similar bulk wire is made by Supra and I can say that their Ply 3.4  is excellent and very affordable wire -- as well tin-clad copper wire in a PFTE jacket.   The Dueland cloth-coated wire is more revealing for reasons I don't understand, but readily accept.  16ga Dueland wiring for speakers is just fine.  
Hey thanks for the comments.

Who actually manufactures the Dueland cable? Also, Supra...

Any idea who actually is the manufacturer of the cable product for those brands?

How do the cables hold up to bending and movement? 
I go for long time cable makers.
My favorite is Kimber, with Cardas a close second.
And Kimber sells most of the wires in bulk, by the foot, including their custom weave or not.
For RCA ends, I like Cardas, and WBT, also Vampire 'Tiffany style' RCA.

I stay away from AudioQuest mainly due to a few events with their (old) product insulation getting funky and becoming unusable.
I am not interested in any fly by night new cable maker.. Though plenty of folks love thinking the ’little guy’ can be a giant killer.
Not me, I do not believe it at all.
Then there are Boutique cable makers, making really expensive cables.. I do not have the cash for such stuff anyway. But if I had enough to not care I just spent 15,000 for a wire.. Who knows? LOL

Dueland wire is made by Dueland, who also makes the finest capacitors on earth.  It is sold in North America through Parts Connexion.  Supra wire, also very good wire, is sold through Madisound.  Both cables small in diameter and very flexible.  You could spend 5-10X the amount of money on other speaker wire and not be better off. Just my two-cents worth.   
With my new speakers I've landed back on my one of my favorites: Tempo Electric. I just ordered a new set of speaker cables, a couple of gauges larger (from 16ga to 14ga). The 16ga gave me all I could ask for save for the lower mids and down from there. Piggy backing a single strand of Clear Day almost made my jaw drop (tired but true cliche in this case). Joe told me it would take about 3 strands of Clear Day to approximate 14 gauge when adding to my current 16 gauge and that going with 14 gauge will not detract from anything I'm hearing that I love so far. 

Joe sells single, solid core silver of various gauges and prefers bare ends unless you want terminations. When I ordered them I got around to asking about the jumpers I'm using and he told me he preferred to stay with the same type of wire so he's going to leave an extra three inches on the speaker end so I can reach both posts. Now that's smart and nice of him to offer! 👍.

He charges about 20% more than silver spot prices so he's not getting rich off of this. Here's a link to his POV: Make Your Own Silver Audio Cables. It's an interesting read and mirrors what others have said on these forums. And it makes sense. 

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Right on, thank you for the reply. Maybe my question was unclear initially.

I am asking who actually manufactures the cables, not who is selling the cable or "branding" the cable.

Who are these Brands utilizing to actually extrude the copper, jacket the cable, shield the cable, print the cable, etc. Here is a video from How It’s Made showing what I mean:

For instance -- Belden Inc.,Southwire,1X Technologies, Prysmian / General Cable, Alpha Wire, are all well known cable manufacturers in the insulated wire & cable manufacturing industry.

The companies you listed, while no doubt offering great audio cable products do not seem to be actual cable manufacturers listed by UL, CSA, ETL, and are not part of NEMA or NEC recognized. Like most commercial companies do, they seem to Brand their products and sell them to the public. (Albeit, I could be wrong)

I could be wrong, but they don’t seem to have cable manufacturing facilities of their own, it looks like they have their products private label manufactured so I was asking if you were aware who manufactures the cable for these Brands? Does Belden make the cable for Duelund under their private label? Does Southwire make the "Supra" products? Was just trying to get a clearer picture of where everything was originating.

If not, where do these brands "make" their products, and what safety standards are followed --think OSHA.

Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it a lot!

Hey thanks Elizabeth! looks like a well established brand. Do they make their cable in Europe?
Mogami Blue Neglex 2477 coax OFC. I bought a 40 ft piece for $40 (1979), cut it in half and used it on my KLH Nines for 23 years! Lost it in a move. Wish I could get some more now! 
I use Japanese brands for interconnect: Canare and Mogami. Canare Starquad has a great shield but is hard to terminate, whereas Mogami’s shield is not braided, and so easier to terminate. ETI connectors are very good, being non-capacative.
Cadras makes their own wire. They also mention they make a lot of the wire for other cable makers. Their main production is in Oregon. But the wire may be created elsewhere in USA by them..
Kimber is in Utah USA. I am sure their wire is custom made for them.
I do not know offhand if they make it themselves.
Neither one makes anything outside of USA.

AudioQuest production is all in China.
I have used Neotech and Acrolink cables with good results.  They do take some time to sound their best.  If you DIY, I suggest keeping the terminations pure copper with with the plating that you find the most appealing to your ears. With that said, remember, you buy cheap, you get cheap.   Synergy prevails!