Your favorite classical/flamengo guitar CDs

What are your favorite classical/flamengo guitar CDs that can impress untrained ears? The type of music I am looking for are similar to those of Jesse Cook, Chris Spheeris. And duo guitars as well. Thanks.
Paco de Lucia is probably the best flamenco, if not the best guitar, player around. I would start with his album "Almoraima." You won't be disappointed. He is amazing.
I'll second Paco de Lucia and put one out there for Al Di Meola. "Friday Night in san francisco" with Paco, Al and John Mclaughlin is a mind-blowing live show of improvisational guitar work with a good mix of flemenco guitar.
Bandidos de Amor
Carlos Montoya
Francis Goya
Furia Gitana
Jason McGuire
Johannes Linstead
Jose Luis Encinas
Luis Villegas
Nova Menco
Ottmar Liebert
Pepe Romero
Tierra Negra
Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble

I have more if you want more.
Gino d'Aurio 'Flemenco Passion' on XRCD.

NO flamenco guitar disk beats it, Friday Night in SF is great, especially the pink panther part, buy both, you won't be unhappy.

Check the threads, there are a few long threads on this topic already.
Why Sabicas (Augustin Campos), of course.
real flamenco is very different from Nuevo Flamenco a la Jesse Cook, and you may find it irritating if you don't care for the stomping and singing. Ottmar Liebert is a pale imitation at best. Good list, Gypsykings.
Solo Quiero Caminar by Paco Lucia In 1981 (Philips 810 009-2) has some "great" tracks; I love the entire album. Here is true, real, contemporary(forever) Flamenco. Find it & enjoy. ATB,Pete
carlos montoya smokes!!
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Gino D'Auri is the best I've heard.

After that explore artists through Narada collections such:
Gypsy soul,
Gypsy passion.....etc.
and Pepe Romero "Flamenco"
Paco Pena is a beautiful traditional player. Try Azahara on Nimbus Records. But for shear being nailed to the back of your chair . . try the opening track of Gino d'Auri's Passion & Soul (pasion y duende) on World Music. Put your volumn control on stun and hold on!
Strictly speaking it's not flamenco, but Ojos de Brujo have two excellent albums.
Classical John Williams!
John Williams.
pepe reomero and carlos montoya please no generics(paco delucas)they are the best sorry not johon williams.We are talking spanish not interperetations.
Flamenco: Pepe Romero, "Flamenco", on First Impression Music LIMK2HD022; yes you read that correct one of the first K2HD CDs.

Classical: Duo Favori, "The Well-Tempered Guitars", Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco 24 Preludes and Fugues for 2 Guitars op. 199, on Tacet 141

Wulfin Lieske, "What About This, Mr. Tárrega?", works by Bach, Albéniz, Tárrega and others, on Tacet 65; Lieske plays and compares 7 different classical guitars built between 1856 and 1958, a must for classical guitar buffs.

check these out(there are actually plenty of CDs with both of these, so it's a win-win):
Joaquin Rodrigo - Concerto de Aranjuez;
Heitor Villa-Lobos - Concerto For Guitar and Small Orchestra;

Also, check out:
"The Guitar Trio" by John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, and Paco De Lucia; and

"Friday Night in San Francisco" by Al Di Meola, John Mclaughlin, and Paco De Lucia
Not necessarily my favorite, 'cause the category mentioned is too wide and varied, but I just picked up a copy of The Best of Manitas de Plata Guitar Flamenco, Vanguard VSD-37/38 (2 lp) and it's fantastic!