Your favorite cd of Hammond B-3 organ ?

Any good sugestions for well recorded
Hammond B-3 organ ???
Lee Michaels "5"
Yeah, Lee Michaels for sure! There're so many, but not too many these days that I know of...maybe someone else can name some.

I don't know if the following are well recorded or not, but:
For jazz, I like Jimmy Smith. Groove Holmes and Jimmy Mcgriff are really great soulful jazz type players.

For rock, there's Rod Argent, Jon Lord of Deep Purple, who played a C-3. Keith Emerson of: The Nice, and Emerson Lake and Palmer who played a C-3. Rick Wakeman of Yes, and solo projects. Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep, although a good writer, but not the best player -he played a wicked solo on Gypsy.
BTW, the C-3 and B-3 are the same thing -just built in a different inclosure if I recall... maybe someone can correct me on that.
You can also google: top Hammond B-3 Organist to get more info.
lee michaels (third lp as well(just the organ and drum kit)...charles earland-black talk....brian auger/julie driscoll-street noise.
Booker T and the Drive by Truckers Potato Hole is a MUST buy. An awesome new release by a legend.
"Whatever It Takes" Larry Goldings,
"Organic Vibes" Joey DeFrancesco
"Dot.Com Blues" Jimmy Smith
"The Sermon" Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith- blues
Robert Walter (from the Greyboy Allstars) solo albums.
Booker T
Steve Winwood- his latest live with Eric clapton has some fine moments
Try the thread It's Hammond B3 Day! for more suggestions
Anything by Medeski,Martin and Wood.
the suggestion of Medeski, Martin & Wood, : Shack-Man CD and also the end of the world party cd please me very much
Hard to beat
Groove Holmes and Booker T and the MGs. Sonic perfection.
Some great "Four-on-the-floor" stuff She Breaks

and Pound it Out