Your Favorate JBL's from the 70's

My first pr of JBL's where L26 then L110 and finally L220.
I was 17 when my mother purchased the L220's for me.I must say the police where called several times for load music and for my Mother I'm sorry for
all the problems caused by me and these concert hall spkr's.
What's is your story?
Still have a pair of L50's on a Marantz integrated sitting in the basement. That's definitly the sound of the seventies. Best? Do the Urei Time aligns count?
I started out with L40's back in the late 70's.........all I could afford, but they got me hooked on the "West Coast Sound". A few years later a friend of mine owed me some cash and offered up his brand new L-100's which I used up until a few years ago. These never ceased to amaze my friends. I had these running trough a Proton Power amp and Nakamichi Preamp....stunning. Last year I was able to afford a pair of L-300 Sunmits in mint condition......I drove, I flew to get of the best descisions in my life. I had heard a pair of these back in the late 70's and fell in love with them but not the price tag ($3,000.00 in 1979 was a lot of cash!) The L-300's simply amaze me with thier ease at making incredible music. A Mark Levinson 380S Preamp and Nakamichi PA-7 Power Amp unleashes the Summits to astonishing heights. I can now sit back and KNOW that I have achieved the perfect sound I had always been looking for.
I can't say they were my favorites (as many other JBL's were certainly better at the time) but I had a pair of full range JBL LE8T's that I built my own cabinets for and drove with a Dyna PAS-3 and a pair of Mark III tube amps (that doubled for guitar with a pair of D131's).

The little 8"ers didn't have much real top end but they were very clean, smooth, and punchy. I listened to them for hours on end for several years until I eventually sold them to a good friend who worked them into a nice car stereo.

That was about 35 years ago, I still have the D131's (reconed as D120F's) in my guitar system.
I owned the L19 and the L40 through high school and college(1979-1986). Loved them both, except, I never had enough power to make these babies jump. My onkyo tx2500mk2 only through a wimpy 40 watts/ch.I bought the JBL 3 way car speakers T-595 or T545 can't remember. These 3 ways were the best car speakers I ever heard and at 91 db they absolutely rocked. They magnetic assembly weight was just like their home speakers...Large and heavy!!! Today, I own a pair of L20T and L46 in a second system driven by my Luxman R-1070. I like the way the system sounds...not as good as my proac 2.5,MCcormack DNA2,Cj16ls, but it still rocks!!
I always wanted a pair of L212, but it never materialized. Hearing the Luxman separates driving the L212 (1979), Tom Petty's "Damn the torpedos" in the dealer showroom mesmerized me.
Still use a mint pair of 4311B's that I got from a radio station. Bruce Swedien used a pair of 4310's for most of his mixes so if you like 70s music...