Your expertise, please

I'm looking for more transparency, and to solidify & push back the soundstage. It seemed that my speaker wires could be the weakest link. I'm thinking about the Red Dawn II cable because it should increase transparency while I maintain the warmth running tubes pre-amp and amp. Would it help with the soundstage issue? The stage is a little too forward right now, I've tried repositioning the speakers. Are there other cables u would consider? How are the Synergistics with active shielding? (real or gimmick?)

Ayre CX-7; Sony 999ES SACD
Kimber Silver Streak interconnect to
Cary SPL-308 Pre-amp
Red Dawn interconnect to
Audio Reaserch VS 110 Amp
Audioquest Slate Biwire
B&W Signature 805s
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I don't know about the transparency issue as it relates to your specific gear, or about the wires you presently own or are considering getting, but for the soundstaging and imaging questions, playing with the speaker positioning, listener positioning, and room acoustics would be the first areas I'd look at. Why don't you go into some detail about how the system is set up?
I agree, proper setup will aid imaging and soundstaging more than a new set of speaker cables.