Your experience with Thiel 3.6

Any oppinions(experience)on this speaker?

Looks great but I seem to hear mixed reviews from users, however reputable mags seem to love it (pretty old reviews though)? I'm currently auditioning the new Martin Logan Aeon speakers (nice but kind of bright), do you feel that moving to the Thiels is a move up? I'm looking for some clear mids and highs as well as some bass punch.

I have good source componets, and I listen to all sorts of music, from jazz to rock to r&b to techno.
To follow up on Jcatral14's post about room size and the Thiel 3.6s, what have people experienced in moving their Thiels closer or further away from the side and back walls?

I've found that the soundstage is deeper the further out the speakers are from the back wall. However, I wonder how much of this has to do with the fact that as I pull my speaker up, my television set is no longer in the line between the speakers.
With regards to Turnarounds comments, i, too, have a tv in between the speakers however i dont have the room to pull my speakers out further into the room. I really love the Thiel sound but being that i love my other speakers (maggie 2.7qr and ML Aerius) I'm seriously contemplating just getting a sub to get the low end that i want. I realize i dont have the room to let the 3.6s breathe and so reluctantly i'll just look to get either a REL or ACI sub.
Comments anyone?
Jcatral14, I think you'll fine the Thiels are a lot more forgiving than any panel speaker with regards to distance from the back wall.
Has anyone paired this speaker with a classe ca200?
The amp has enough power right? 200W/Ch @8ohms, 400W/Ch@4ohms.
Jcatral, I have had this combination for over 2 years and am very satisfied. In fact, I recently added MIT oracle V3 speaker cables, they now have about 500 hours on them and I have never heard my system sound so good. The ca200 is PLENTY of power, it has never clipped, sounded compressed or strained in the least. I listen to moderate to loud levels in a large room and have plenty of volume. This amp is high current - I've owned it for 6 or 7 years with not one problem. Because of the high current design I find a simple MIT Z II powercord works best, much like spectral which is also a very high current design. Others I have tried (not extensive auditioning but enough for me) don't sound as good. They add a coloration like a mid-bass hump. The MIT cord simply relaxes things a bit, makes the stage a little deeper. As unsound mentions, the Thiels aren't nearly as difficult to drive as people assume, I've heard them in showrooms on much less - you can always add more power. As I have increased my investment upstream these speakers just get better and better. Placement is important, but I've always had a large room so I have lots of flexibility. I am 100% digital currently and under those circumstances I beleive strongly in having tubes somewhere in the chain - for me it's the preamp. That's another misnomer about Thiels - bright, no just accurate with a flat uncolored response - great recordings will blow you away, crappy ones will run you out of the room - same with electronics and cables mated with these boys. What you put in comes right out - that's what I like. Classe and Thiel are one of the signature matches in audio in my opinion and many others. Go for it!