Your experience with great Jazz guitar CD/SACD discs.

I have only listened to Jazz for around 55 years, so still a beginner.  I have some Johnny Smith and others you might know up to current players.  I am looking for any less commonly known Jazz guitar artists and their recordings.  I am thinking of minimal processed and leaning more towards standards and archtop electrics.  Thanks for any input you can suggest.  A player that I have enjoyed for many years is Ed Bickert...playing of all things a Fender Telecaster. 
JIm Hall is worth a listen if you like Jazz guitar.

I would suggest anything with Joe Pass.
I was to see a Jazz guitar concert that featured 4 great players. Joe Pass ended up not being able to play because of ill health.  I believe he played an ES-175
Mark Whitfield and Russell Malone. Both are pretty much straight-ahead melodic players. As with most jazz musicians, they both get more experimental as time goes on. You have to find where in their discography they agree with you.
I very much agree with the choice of Russell Malone.  I was able to see/hear him play two time with Diana Krall. 

Excellent suggestions as above.  Add Django.

Happy Listening!
Check out Vic Juris. And with regard to Joe Pass, the duet albums with NHOP—Chops and Northsea Nights—are first rate.
Grant Green - Idle Moments 

Just in case this player isn't in your collection:

George Van Eps-7 string player "Mellow Guitar" 1956

Fantastic suggestions so far, but considering that you know Johnny Smith and Ed Bickert I suspect that most of them are not new to you. Here are some lesser known (remembered) players that you might enjoy.  I believe all are available as CD reissues:

John Pisano and Billy Dean:

Dick Garcia:

Lenny Breau:

Current player, this guy kills me every time. Ben Monder:

Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
Grant Green "The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark", "Solid", "The Matador", "Green Street"

Wes Montgomery "Full House", "Boss Guitar", "Smokin' At The Half Note"
Thanks to all for your experience/thoughts. 
I’m partial to anything Herb Ellis did with Monty Alexander and Ray Brown. Particularly some of the Triple Treat recordings.