Your experience with a Spin Clean RCM?

It's the cheapest commercially available RCM (I think).

What's been your experience? Years ago I had a VPI 16.5 and found it didn't really get the grime off of filthy records but admittedly I only used the VPI fluid.
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They work great! I would highly recommend them. You can focus on one spot and go at it aggressively. The only downside is it takes a little more setup and you want to do more than one when you pull it out. Not as convenient for just cleaning one before you throw it on. I use it first. In a two step system with my vpi doing a fresh water rinse at the end. One of the best value purchases in audio!
Couldn't afford a VPI at the time, so bought a Spin Clean. Does a decent job, but no idea how it compares to other RCMs. Better for batch vs single records, since you have to fill the reservoir regardless of how many records you're planning on cleaning. And depending on the condition of your records, the solution has to be replaced more frequently than you might expect. Don't spend the extra bucks f/clear unit. Hard to see how dirty the solution is. Yellow reservoir can't be any more difficult. (Spin Clean "upgraded" me when the yellow unit was damaged in shipment).
It's not RCM at all. It's an improved brush and nothing more.
The best economical solution is to use KAB machine that connects to your own vacume cleaner. Tough burger grease and fingerprints you will still have to remove manually using liquids and Discwasher brush.
Spin Clean can be very effective if you add steam to the process. Spin with steam and you will be surprised how more effective it is. I am sure someone is working on a budget ultrsound unit, so don't give in to the high priced stuff.
Some friends of mine have the SpinClean and they're happy with it, but I don't think you need to go there. There are a million record-cleaning posts out there, but, IMO, the effectiveness of a record cleaning solution depends on the type of crud on a record, something you can never really know for sure. I've had good results with this method - Put the record on a towel and start with a decent scrubbing with Disc Doctor and a DD brush. DD is a damn good general cleaner, but it's a bitch to remove. It seems that no matter how much purified water rinses I give it with a brush, there are still some DD bubbles in there. So I remove the DD with warm tap water in the sink and it gets every bit of the DD and the dirt it picked up with it. Try not to wet the label of course. After that, I put it on my Nitty Gritty and use the NG alcohol-based fluid to remove any nasties that are in the tap water. I would prefer not to use tap water, but the results for me were undeniable. Besides, I feel confident that the NG fluid takes care of anything left. You can do the same with the VPI, either with Disc Doctor or AI #15 Super Cleaner - then use the VPI fluid as your final rinse. That's my opinion anyway.
I've had good results with it. As earlier poster said, best when you have to do a batch. I use mine in combination with Perfection Steamer. Just do a few revolutions with the Spin Clean, lay record flat on towel, steam, then dry. I use a small bowl to cover label. Good luck with whatever you choose.
You get what you paid for.
I like mine works great highly recommended as a good economical solution to cleaning records.
I does a decent job for the price. The problem I have had with it is that unless the brushes are absolutely clean it will leave marks on heavier weight records.
Regards, Sam