Your Experience Selling on Discogs

I recently opened an account on Discogs to sell some records.  They sold fairly quickly.  However I do not understand the fee structure and perhaps someone with experience can explain it.  I did email them with questions regarding the fees but all I got back was a cut and paste paragraph from their website.  I do not think they have any kind of formal "contact us" other than bot responses. The fees I understand are the paypal fee, 4%, the discog fee, 8% but there was also a "partner fee" of 17%.  The "partner fee" is described on their site as "the term used to encompass the total fees associated with your order".All told, my share of the fees was 26% of sale, excluding the shipping cost, which I assumed.  I do not mind paying fees for services rendered but this site seems to have a lot of hidden fees that do not pop up until the sale is over.


@larsman    Same here...Great way to Catalog and value a Collection. Everyone in our local Vinyl Club use Discogs to purchase as well, except me... I like to see what I am purchasing and support local merchants.

I agree with the others on cataloging my collection. It was so easy and used the mobile app as I combed through and documented my collection. It's nice to be able to sort by various filters and easily share your collection with others as needed.

The fees are reasonable (~12% total), less than eBay and I have yet to deal with any of the freaky buyers and those wanting to return things for no reason like I had on eBay previously.

Agree the site is easy to post your records.  I did finally receive an email from the staff at Discogs with some explanations and there were some corrections on my charges. I was glad to see that you can get a response from a real person if there are issues.

Ebay fees are about the same as Discogs because they bypass PayPal.  But if you are putting up a lot of records taking individual photos is time consuming.  No need to do that with Discogs.  Ebay gives you a better deal on shipping.  All things considered I like Discogs better but there is a bit of a learning curve in utilizing it.

Discogs included these notes with their message to me:

- Do not cancel an order before issuing a refund.

- Do not refund from PayPal if you have marked a refund on the order page.  This will result in a double refund.

- Refunds must be issued for the full amount of the purchase.

- Refunds must be issued from the order page.

- Sellers cannot charge buyers the PP fees. 

Thanks to all who posted in this discussion.