your experience amp for acoustic zen adagio

looking to see what others have tried and settled on.
When I had my Adagio's, I drove them with a Theta Intrepid 5 channel amp... very sweet.
I have tried SIMAUDIO MOON I-7,KARAN Intergrated But Finally settled For NEODIO 150.The sound is just increadibly sweet,transparent and you get massive soundstage. I found that the MOON was a bit too fast for my liking{I had the I-7 for 3 months driving the adagio.I would also advise you to change the stock spikes to a resonator type of feet,I settled with a Finite elemente Cerabase set of feet which completely transformed a good loudspeaker to an exceptional one.ENJOY!!!
Robert used Red Dragon Leviathans and Halcro amps with great results at numerous HiFi Shows. The Leviathans had a more natural midrange with a touch of warmth. The Halcros were on the neutral side with more resolution.
Im thinking of purchasing the Adigios and wondered the same question. I have heard the Halcro/AZ combo at shows and the sound was very good. Robert of AZ mentioned that the Red Dragons were almost a perfect match. I really would like to hear this combo, and will audition them in my home. Also as for class D amps, im hearing a lot of good things from the camp of Spectron. I wonder how the spectron amp would compare to the above mentioned amps with the Adagios.