your experience amp for acoustic zen adagio

looking to see what others have tried and settled on.
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When I had my Adagio's, I drove them with a Theta Intrepid 5 channel amp... very sweet.
I have tried SIMAUDIO MOON I-7,KARAN Intergrated But Finally settled For NEODIO 150.The sound is just increadibly sweet,transparent and you get massive soundstage. I found that the MOON was a bit too fast for my liking{I had the I-7 for 3 months driving the adagio.I would also advise you to change the stock spikes to a resonator type of feet,I settled with a Finite elemente Cerabase set of feet which completely transformed a good loudspeaker to an exceptional one.ENJOY!!!
Robert used Red Dragon Leviathans and Halcro amps with great results at numerous HiFi Shows. The Leviathans had a more natural midrange with a touch of warmth. The Halcros were on the neutral side with more resolution.
Im thinking of purchasing the Adigios and wondered the same question. I have heard the Halcro/AZ combo at shows and the sound was very good. Robert of AZ mentioned that the Red Dragons were almost a perfect match. I really would like to hear this combo, and will audition them in my home. Also as for class D amps, im hearing a lot of good things from the camp of Spectron. I wonder how the spectron amp would compare to the above mentioned amps with the Adagios.
I heard them with some YBA Passion amp and it was very nice and musical,
I'm pretty sure that there was a similar thread awhile back so you might find some good information there as well. If memory serves, the amplifiers that people were using were across the board and everyone seemed to be happy with both solid state and tubes.

I am using an LFD LE II and they are doing a great job together. Completely non fatiguing or bright in any way but tonally great with lots of detail and very musical indeed. No matter how many layers or how complex the music gets, this combo is able to resolve everything while retaining the tone of each individual instrument or voice. Previously I was using a DK MKII which worked fine but it did not have the finesse that the LFD has.