Your ears and mood..

Ever notice how your mood dictates how you feel about a listening session?Has anyone done any psychoanalysis on this phenonemon.Maybe we each hear differently at different parts of the day...Its late and my mind is wondering..
Jeez, the way we spend money and use tweaks--you gotta come up with another reason we need shrinks??? If your mind is wandering,put a gps device on it so you don't loose it altogether.
Sure I've noticed a difference. If I can't relax and open up, I can't enjoy the music. Sometimes the music will relax me, but only if I'm ready for it. Sometimes I have to stop a listening session and go for a walk, or do my tax return, before I can get into music again. Since every day is different, there are days I don't do any listening at all. OTOH there are times the music sounds just sublime, and I really appreciate all the resolution and finesse it can reproduce.

My toaster is the same way. Sometimes the toast is great and I know it but I couldn't care less.
That's what aromatherapy is for.
Guess I have to agree with Tobias. If I'm really upset or agitated about something, I can't relax and listen. When things are OK...I do find I enjoy music earlier in the day rather than later - when my energy level is up. Unfortunately, due to work schedule etc most of my listening is later in the evening.
Besides the pleasure I get from listening to music, I find that it is also therapeutic and almost always comforts me after a rough day! In addition, I think that a person's mood can color most sensual perceptions.
do you think great northern can upgrade your toaster?
Spaz, maybe not Great Northern, I'm not so sure I'd want a great-sounding toaster. It would be a DIY job ideal for my own skill level, actually. I could use the upgraded unit for cable burn-in.