Your Dream/Team Rock Band

If you were to put together a Dream Team for a Rock Band,....


Lead Vocals - David Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Lead Guitar - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Rhythm Guitar - Pete Townshend (The Who)

Keyboard/Synths - Vince Clarke (Erasure)

Drums - Stewart Copeland ( The Police)
traveling wilburys
It's already been done. They called themselves Led Zeppelin.
-- Howard
Freddie Mercury--lead vocals
Peter Frampton--lead guitar
Tom Scholz--rhythm guitar
John Entwhistle--bass
Keith Moon--drums
Gregg Allman--keyboard
@Kapa11- I dread to think what that would sound like...!
Pete - guitar, vocals
Roger - vocals
Paul - bass, vocals
Ringo - drums vocals


But then again the whole thing might spontaneously combust due to critics mass of ego achieved.
Bands like these (Supergroups they are called) never work. Egos always get in the way.

Pee Wee Herman- lead vocals
Tiny Tim- guitar
Weird Al- keyboards
Mechanical monkey- percussion
Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian- backup singers/doo wop girls.

I think that sometimes rock stars take themselves too seriously.
Shakey, they work long enough to take the money and run.
Then, when it's absolutely unbearable, get while the getting's good.
Tostado-do you think that to be true of Cream? I do not.
Normally, I'd pass on this game, But I gotta admit that I'd kind of like to hear the mash-up of multiple generations of Fleetwood Mac. Mick, John, Stevie, and Christine, with guitar from

Peter Green,
Danny Kirwan,
Jeremy Spencer,
Bob Welch (deceased),
Lindsey Buckingham,
Dave Mason, and
Rick Vito

Buckingham's original touring band had 5 or 6 guitarists IIRC, so he could probably arrange the songs for seven. If this one happens, I'll buy a ticket.
Phil Collins - Drums/Vocals
John Wetton - Bass Vocals
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Steve Hackett - Guitars/vocals

Not only could this lineup write, but they are all strong players as well, with three strong vocalists who can sing their asses off!
Rpeluso, I don't think Cream dreamed of the commercial success they had. Jack and Ginger already hated each other going in so it's amazing they lasted as long as they did (well, Ginger certainly hated Jack and once beat him within an inch of his life). Anyway, I'm glad they made the effort and I'm glad I got to see them live once.
Hendrix/Winwood/Bruce/Mitchell Jimi Hendrix, guitar/vocals; Steve Winwood, keyboards/guitar/vocals; Jack Bruce, bass/vocals; Mitch Mitchell, drums

I'd be willing to substitute Jack Casady for Jack Bruce, but you're losing a great singer/songwriter in that trade.

Also, I'd be curious to hear Tony Williams on drums instead of Mitch.
Dream team rock bands are seldom very organic and usually do not do well. The total is usually less than the sum of the parts. Although sometimes when they come together to do covers in benfits, etc. the results on that particular occasion can be quite good.

If I could hear such a band play play for just one night, how about Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Paul McCartney on bass and Keith Moon on drums.
Gslone, check out Hackett's Tokyo Tapes DVD or album for something along those lines, at least featuring Hackett and Wetton with a reasonable cast around them. Its pretty awesome.
Traveling Wilburys while they lasted perhaps the best "supergroup" that actually did exist, IMHO.

No Snit

Peter Hammill -- vocals
Hugh Banton -- organ, bass pedals
Guy Evans -- drums
David Jackson -- saxes

GLad to see another VDGG fan in these parts.

Its worth having a good system just to be able to get the most out of a good VDGG recording.
Wow! Peter Hamill & VdGG. Saw Peter do a gig at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland a few years ago. As acerbic as ever, but wow - can he ever perform. My supergroup would definitely include him, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp.
Count me in for "The Traveling Wilburys".
I wonder why none picked up Adrean Belew. He can be added to any rock band. He's the one with ability to make any rock band sound better and 'up the class'...
+1 for Adrian Belew. Good call Cz.
I would take Adrian Belew on my team any day. :-)

Well, maybe not for blues or pop.....
How about the Dream Team Power Trio that was supposed to happen back in the mid to late 70's that never happened thanks to "A&M records" who owned Rick Wakeman at the time said, "that's not going to happen" Thanks a lot Herb Albert and A&M records.. your loss!
Wakeman, Wetton, and Burford
I would start with Steve Marriott-vocals/rhythm guitar. Which would give this band an organic/free form sound. Twin lead guitar players-Gary Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen would add a fire and ice approach(yes,Yngwie can play the blues). Billy Sheehan is technically the best bass player I know of so he's in. John Lord would be added on keys to give an expansive/prog sound when desired. On drums I have two in mind, Carl Palmer and John Bonham. I would give the edge to Palmer for speed and versatility but I doubt Bonham could be beat on heavy blues material.
Steve Marriott-Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Gary Moore-Lead Guitar
Yngwie Malmsteen-Lead Guitar
Billy Sheehan-Bass Guitar
John Lord-Keyboards
Carl Palmer-Drums
Johnny Winter.