Your combination:AC isolation/condition devices

And power cords. My experimentaion reveals that combining complementary (synergistic) products offers dramatic
refinement-particularly for CD enjoyment and preamps.
One example is the use of an Equitech 2Q balanced transformer with an MIT Z Stablilizer.
I think this is an area that merits our united attention and will effect significant enhancements, far surpassing the use of any one unit or brand. Discussion of the how & why technical factors, i.e. frequency ranges affected, method of the device, could be informative & very interesting if tech savvy members contribute. Hope so.
I use an isolation Transformer, then passive parallel filters, then a 193L choke wired into the IEC end of my power cord, to my CDP and my Dac. Great results!!
The choke is another filter, helps very nicely with clarity. Do a search on AA for 193L Hammond Choke.
I've implemented the following chain of PC's for my DAC:

- Jon Risch power conditioner (choke and cap filtering and varistors for surge supression), into
- Jon Risch digital isolation transformer (configured as a step down transformer w/ a cap filter across secondaries into a step up transformer), into
- Felix power conditioner (transformer and cap filtering)

Hell, after all that it probably would have been easier to just get a regenerator from PS Audio. Anyway, it seems to be effective and I definitely hear improvements using all 3, and a worsening if I pull one of them out of the chain.