Your choice for SET amp?

If you could choose Von Schweikert DB99 with the ribbon tweeter upgrade or Avantgarde Duo 3.1 for the same price to mate with a pair of Lamm ML2 which one would you take.

I am looking for the right speakers in my system which is EMM Labs front end and Lamm ML2. Any advice or first hand experience would be great....Thanks
WHICH SET? How much power?????????
Jeffrey, I believe if you read the post he states twice that he has Lamm ML2 power amps, about 20 watts.

I've heard both (own duos) and I don't think there is any contest. Although not needed to drive them to full volume, the extra power will really make the duos open up. Properly set up they will beat the pants off the dB99.
I agree with Herman. Your digital front end and those amps are top shelf, world class stuff. My opinion is that, as good as the dB-99s are, set up properly and mated with those incredible Lamms, the Duos will leave the dB 99s in their wake. More dynamic, more realism, more impact and "you are thereness." I think that combo would be killer!
Boys, not every one of us knows that Lamm ML2s are SETs and have 20 Watts of power, or even that they're poweramps. This is what happens when people ask questions that lack basic information.

I read the subject question as which SET should I buy.

Oh well...I guess I'll quit trying to help answer incomplete questions like this.
I did not know that Lamm's are SET. I should have guessed because they sound so damn good!

Duo's sound has disappointed me at shows, but of course show situations are notorious for uneven sound quality. (Some of my favorite speakers have been unlistenable at shows.) Are the Duo's particular about location in a room, or certain qualities of the setup?

I remember that they (Avantguarde?) have a showroom some place in lower Manhattan. Someone clue me in as to location and I'll try to visit next time I'm in New York.

I've heard both--as well as the Uno's & Duo's--and I'd go for the Duo's as well, on one condition: that the room is lenient enough to allow you to move them around until they sound right. I've heard the AG's sound both excellent and off-putting in the same room, and each time was simply a matter of set-up.

The AG's deliver with the bite present in live music. If you prefer a more blended, smoother sound, I would lean more towards a box speaker a la DB-99 or the like. The AG's do have a tinge of what's been referred to as 'plastic smear', but I would call it more the absence of a wooden cabinet body. Sorry for being long-winded, but it's an important decision. If you really want to be moved by the dynamism of the music, I'd go for the AG's.
Hope that helps,
Yes Art, as Boa says setup is critical. They can sound really bad; bloated, harsh, disjointed, and/or bright if mated with poor equipment or improperly set up. Set them up properly in a properly treated room and mate them with good gear/cables and you will be very happy. I don't see that as a drawback, just part of the process.

Sorry if I offended anybody about the Lamms. I wasn't sure either so I went to the Lamm website and looked it up.
Just want to support the DB-99 here by saying that the Avantgarde Duo is twice the cost of the DB-99. So we aren't realy comparing apples to apples here. What I would most like to know is where do I find the Avantgarde Duo 3.1 for about 9K?????? Please???
Close enough, Tickfight?
Hey, thanks Boa2!! Now I see why Delancey is asking the question. Hummmm half price...used is nice! I shall go do some research.
The Duo's can be had for $9-10K used, generally. The Uno's for maybe $7500-8000, rough numbers obviously. Shall we wish you good luck in your hunt, or did you end up with the DB-99? And what amp did you end up pairing with those VS's?
Thanks all for the info. Jeffreybehr, I should have made the question more clear....

Boa2 I agree with you, I have heard the Duos at length in NYC at the Avantgarde showroom (great place)...they at times have sounded incredible and at times not so good. When they sound bad, it is usually due to edge or too much hardness in the upper mid and above.

Because I have heard them sound so good also, I can only guess it is due to setup and equipment. I think my equipment is good enough...I don't know about my room, but probably worth the risk. I do have the ability to move them wherever I need to....The Db99's are safe, but the potential of the Duo's is much higher.....
No question, Delancey, you have excellent ancillary gear to compliment the Duo's. I heard the AG's with the Audiopax amps, and I happen to prefer the 6C33C tube of your Lamm's more than I do the KT88, particularly for the types of music that are accentuated by the virtues of the AG's. I've no experience with the Lamm/AG combination, but I would venture a guess that such a set up, along with your EMM Labs front end, could start a small pilgrimage from these boards to your home. Please post your impressions, whichever direction you end up going.
I am not familiar with the VS speakers, but I have listened to the AG Duos fairly extensively. I like the sound of the AGs. The AG's have a direct and lively sound that I prefer in speakers. I am surprised at how many much more expensive speakers sound so lifeless and constipated, by comparison.

The AG's, like all speakers, are far from perfect so you must give them a careful audition and you MUST have some kind of dealer or other expert help (perhaps yourself?) in set up. They are quite sensitive to location, and in each location you must experiment with bass balance and phase, etc.

Even in an ideal location, the bass and upper-midrange may not be integrated perfectly. Also, the system I heard had some sharp peaks in the upper-bass/low-midrange that made some notes at the peak seem to suddenly jump out. Just mentioning this as something to look for to determine how much that bothers you. Considering how peaky most horn systems sound, the AG's are remarkably free of such problems.

I heard the horns driven by SET and low-powered pushpull triodes with much less power than the Lamm that you have, so power should not be a big issue.

Wish me luck--yes please. No amp yet either, thanks for asking. The search continues... I am buying a system from scratch (my 1st) and am trying to avoid the buying then selling for something better money trap game.
Good luck, indeed, Tickfight. If I remember correctly, you were talking about the DB-99's and then asked about an appropriate SET amp under $2K, yes? Pairing the components for sonics, as well as balancing their respective capabilities, will be crucial in assembling a synergistic system in my opinion. That doesn't necessarily mean spending a ton of money, but rather spending it consistently in the direction that will ultimately please you. Audition whatever you can. Consult with friends whose audio goals are similar to yours. In the end, you will have a very satisfying system. Can't wait to see what you get!
Hey Boa

Just dropping a line to let you know I went with the 99's. Found a demo model for a GREAT price. Really nice dealer. I am pumped. Never heard the Duo's perhapse that's best. Room size may have not been condusive for them anyway.
Fantastic. I have a friend who has both the Duo's and the 99's. He wouldn't be without either, and he loves trading equipment frequently. Enjoy!

Oh my, I am most impressed with your diplomacy :)

Well Tickfight, if I didn't have horns, the VS-99 or 100 would be the first place I'd look.

I'll be going to my friend's place next week for a listening test of various CD players, as he intends to choose only one among them. I look forward to the opportunity, as we will be listening on his 99's.

Which cd players will you be listening too? I would like to hear your impressions. I am pairing the 99's up with consonance 211 SET mono blocks. Will be A/B comparing the Droplet and a modded 2.2 in about two weeks when the speakers and amps are delivered. The speakers are demo's so already broken in and I still need to decide on a source.
You know, I'm not sure. I'd have to let you know afterwards. Or you can write directly to farmersre (Rick) and ask him. He'll be excited to hear about your speaker choice.
I ended up with the DB99's. It was a really hard choice as both speakers are so good. I have had the 99's for about two months now and they have finally settled in. At first they were so harsh on the top end, but the dealer warned me of that due to break in. Now that they have broken in, I am really happy with my decision. Things always sound better in your own home.
Sweet Delancey!

I've got them too-- have been very happy with them also.

Good listening, I expect this year may be a good year for the 99's as they certainly are the gem in the VSA line up.