Your Best Vinyl Memory

I am getting a bit nostalgic by looking over the recent threads on songs or bands from the great 80's. So I thought I would start a new one.

My greatest memory involving vinyl was when I was in High School with my first true love. My best friend and I were dating girls that were also best friends. Our first date ended with some romantic moments to the Peter Cetera Album. I have never been able to listen to Cetera again without thinking back at those moments.

How else has music made an impact on your life??????
One of my first, and most lasting vinyl memories is a tune off of the second LP I ever bought (as a 13 year old in 1973). My first LP purchase was The Jackson 5's Third Album when I was 10. But when I was 13 I must have turned really hip because I bought The Incredible Bongo Band's first album and I loved the song "Apache"!

For those too young to remember the original IBB release of Apache, or those too old to have heard one of the many dance remixes of it, here's a link to it on YouTube. Click it and Dig it!


Staying up all freaking night listening to the Cars debute LP, building 1/8th scale models, cleaning really good herb, and doing hits off my favorite bong!
But don't tell anybody...
1. Peeling back the banana on the first Velvet Underground album

2. Actually buying the Mothers of Invention "Freak Out."

3. Listening to Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced?"

My first three rock albums.
What I listened to THIS MORNING:

The Thomas Binkley ensemble playing the 13th century compositions of Martim Codax.
i think it involved the back seat of a '69 mustang . . .


Cool! You had a record player in the back of your '69 Mustang?.........

Super Session (Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills) and Truth (Jeff Beck). In 7th grade I spent my neighborhood lawncutting income to purchase my friend's older sister's little stereo system. Toni threw in a couple of semi-current albums including the terrific two mentioned. Still cherish these works today.
Listening to James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and the Moody Blues while playing a game of Go. Being throughly stoned,on orange sunshine, as was my friend, having to move from the living room to the bedroom, put the game on a waterbed, get on the bed without moving or upsetting the board, and losing by only a half-space.
Listening to Alice Cooper's 'Unfinished Sweet' (BBB) six times before going for dental work. The dentist gave me a bit more nitrous oxide than usual and I kept hearing the song in my head while the Dr. & hygienist worked. The twist is, it was like looking through the wrong end of binoculars. Lots of black space before two tiny white circles with them in it, way far away.

Relax, have a Southern Tier Chocolat and listen to some Humble Pie...
Hot-knifing hash while listening to Robin Trower- "Too Rolling Stoned". Big time.
Three Dog Night - Live at the Forum. Great Stuff!
My first non 45 purchase; an actual full length lp, was the Beatles "Hey Jude", which I bought with my own money. I was about 10 or 11, paid near 4 bucks and my mom blew her top. A pinacle of pride, had I.

"Jesus Christ Superstar"...listened over and over and over on my portable folding hi-fi. Could not get enough of it...but never shared it with family or friends.
Watching as a friend, that recently had made some good natured, but unbelieving comments about my vinyl rig, listed to The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Once he regained his composure he said that although he had heard the CD many times and that it was one of his favorites, "he had never heard THAT before."

Late 70's college listening to a fresh import vinyl recording of Yes' Close to the Edge while sharing 6 foot bong with fellow yesophiles. One of us (not me) had managed to earn enough summer money to purchase a 100+ wpc Pioneer receiver and we all thought it was the cat's whiskers. I think the speakers were Advents or Altecs, very popular back then. The deal back then was to place the speakers in opposite corners of the room firing toward the center for "surround." True audiophilic blasphemy but what the heck did we know back then?
In early 70's going to my brothers boarding school in NH and getting toasted for the first time, listening to Led Zeppelin, John Mayall etc. It was a all nighter. Thats about all I remember of that visit. To bad the Boarding School I went to was run by cristian brothers, no parties there.
Switched On Bach + headphones when I was a wee lad.
listening to Thin Lizzy and Queen in the basement while playing pool with childhood friends, mom stomping on the floor, then I would turn it up
Listening to side 4 of Electric Ladyland the first time I got stoned.

Very weird.
A pink vinyl beach ball and three naked women and a tropical beach
When I was a child, I had a blast throwing my mothers 45's and my brothers lp's off the top of the stone quarry that was behind our house. Man, those puppies would sail!

My brother wasn't impressed when the lp's turned up missing, and nobody knew where they went.
Anything recorded in Q-sound...
Rolling Stones:"It's all over now Baby.." (my 1. girl friend)
My best vinyl memory is fairly recent. Like many, I had almost totally replaced my LP listening with CDs. While I never got rid of my TT or LPs,, I went through a period of many years where the the playing of an LP was a rare event. Then, about a year and a half ago, my best friend bought a new TT. As a "TT warming", I bought him a copy of the then just released Cisco 30th anniversary pressing of Steely Dan's Aja. In that I also love that album, I purchased one for myself as well.
You all can probably see where this is heading. My first listening was magic! I was totally blown away by what I was hearing. I couldn't believe that a format that I had all but forsaken could sound so good. Needless to say in the time since, I've acquired a new TT rig and about 150 new albums. Just recently, I bought a new CDP and my main criteria was how analog sounding it was - could it keep up with this wonderful "new/old" sound that I had rediscovered.
hearing Sgt. Pepper in the band room for the first time on a tube console record player. wow
When Thomas Edison first showed me his cylinder with music on seriously, that's how old I feel with the names mentioned here, versus the one I'm going to mention.

Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderly circa 1962--the song, "The Masquerade is Over". It's quiet smooth, Joe Zawinal on piano, playing so lyrically behind her vocals. When Nancy sings the words, "I guess I'll have to play Pagliacci saddest clown) and get myself a clowns disguise, then I'll learn to laugh like Pagliacci, with tears in my eyes. This is so incredibly poignant, so prosaic--Johnny Mercer quality lyrics.
(Go to youtube, type Nancy Wilson, Cannonball Adderly and this audio will come up.) You'll find that you have to have this album!

For someone who's just lost a love, or is estranged from their love, this song is absolutely a gut wrenching four minutes--but so beautiful it's not to be missed.