Your "Best of..." audio manufacturer in each state

Obviously subjective and subject to experience bias. No wrong answers. Pick a state and claim your "Best of" for that state.

Inspired by me realizing that VAC is a Sarasota-based company. Had I known that a few years ago when I was down there I would have asked for a tour.
As a Colorado native, my vote goes for Ayre as the best of the state and top ranking in the world. I only own one Ayre product but have my sights set on a few more as budget allows. I have been to the factory a few times getting a fix and update to my C5xe and they have been very accommodating and friendly.
In Texas, Raven Audio. The Blackhawk LE is easily the best amp of the many I've owned over the last 50 years and the support by owner Dave Thomson is the best I've encountered, as well.
In California, Pass Labs/First Watt. In Colorado, Sanders Sound Systems. In Utah, Sound Lab. In Minnesota, Atma-Sphere. In Florida, Eminent Technology.
Vandersteen and Audioquest in CA, Atma sphere and Magnepan in MN, Belles in NY, Ayre in CO, Zu and SoundLab in UT.
Another vote for Vandersteen in California and Music Reference ( RIP Roger Modjeski ) and Beverige and Infinity (! The real one )....
in Washington the wizard of Lake Stevens - Bob Carver
We’ve got some amazing heavyweight and middleweight contenders in MN, including Audio Research, Magnepan, Bel Canto, Atma-Sphere, Audio Mirror, and others, but Audio Research gets my vote as the GOAT 🐐 of amplifier and preamplifier brands.

To continue the boxing analogy, I’d put MN up against any other state in pound for pound Audio supremacy!  ARC and Magnepan are both arguably top 5 or top 10 all-time Audio brands. 
Texas- Raven Audio
California- Synergistic Research
Utah- Tekton
Missouri- Herron Audio
New York- Soundsmith
New Hampshire- Tetrault Audio
Oregon- ALO Audio

Iowa- Keith Herron of Herron Audio is from Des Moines but moved to the St Louis Mo area.

EAD (Enlightened Audio Designs) is from Fairfield, Ia where they could levitate the parts and float them right into the chassis.  
I choose Canary Audio for California. And maybe Channel Island a close second. I've always wanted a Canary component in my system...
MN       Maggies            Van Alstine
            ARC            Anti-Cable            Bel Canto           Atmasphere
There used be a ton of mfg. in Massachusetts.  Now only a few come to mind, Bricasti. Nordost,  Aerial... that's all I can think of .  
CA-Pass Labs
UT-Wilson Audio
CO-Boulder Amps, Ayre, PS Audio
MN-Audio Research, Atmosphere
MD-Linear Tube Audio, Border Patrol
ME-Transparent Cable
I’m not sure what else is made in Texas, but I would select Rythmik audio over Raven. I believe their servo subs stand out more vs other subs as compared to how Raven compares to other amps. Good news is that both are great products. 
Dan D’Agostino amps/preamps are made in Cave Creek, Arizona. I stumbled on it one day and Dan was here with his wife. He gave me a tour of the entire operation. Nice guy!
NH--Basis Audio

To the OP--I did visit VAC's place in Sarasota earlier this year.  It is a warehouse full of parts, old and new units, and a lot of really sharp and nice people, not at all what I expected but impressive nonetheless.  Certainly not a factory in the classic sense.  It was nice to see that Kevin Hayes has kept his operation in the community where he grew up.
@rcprince Cool. I just read the Stereophile review of their Statement 452 powerhouse and find it refreshing that such a technological piece comes out of a place that doesn't look like a Bond set.
Simao:  I had only gone there since we were visiting a friend in Sarasota and I figured I'd pick up some tubes for my amp while I was there.  They showed me one of those Statement 452s as it was being built, quite a beautiful piece of equipment.

In NY, we can add Lamm and Devore.
MN is Audio Research, Magnepan, Atmosphere, Tri-planar, AVA, and NBS (cables).

You forgot Bel Canto, Anticables and Audio Mirror for MN.
Like i said above, pound for pound or per capita no state can touch MN’s list.
Here in VA it has to be Conrad-Johnson, right down the street from me in Fairfax! They might have killed my beloved McCormack but I still have the utmost respect for their company