Your Best Moment of Audio Exuberance

My girlfriend stayed home today while I drove her car (circa '98 BMW 740i with CD changing factory stereo) to a New Year's day party. While I find her 740i to be an underpowered, overweight, undersprung yuppie saloon with a screechy, bloated stereo to match, I must admit it was, nonetheless, great fun to crusie along at 80 MPH and ABSOLUTELY CRANK the Los Lobos CD that her brother gave me for Christmas. (The band was new to me -- has anyone heard "Oh Yeah" from This Time?) It almost reminded me of the good old days that got me into this insane hobby -- just being young, listening to music at high volumes and having a good old time. What setting, atmosphere, equipment or musical selection gives or reminds you of your happiest audio moments?
Same setting. Only 740iL. And I'm in the back seat.
First listen to Quad ESL 57. Scary and exciting at the same time.
In the late eighties after I graduated high school I bought a very nice GMC Jimmy. It was all kidded up with mags, brush bars, tinted windows and a $3000.00 stereo. Back then it was the best you could by. Alpine and ADS. I wired two monster house speakers in the back and when partying in the woods I would pull them out and put them on the ground. If we werent partying we would drive around for hours with the volume all the way up. To loud to talk. Thats whats got me into hifi.
Live music notwithstanding, my first real system, NAD3020 with Mission speakers and a Thorens turntable. I was blown away
Four years ago when I got into this hobby. I made a big jump from a mass market Onkyo CD Player and Receiver to a Cambridge Audio CD6 and a used P55 amplifier. I found out what I had been missing.
Cranking Black Sabbath Volume 4 in a large basement rec room 20x30. A Mac 2100 and a C-26 running a pair of JBL C-50 S8R Olympus speakers. By the way I still don't hear very well.
Isn't it ironic that with all the modern advances and improvements most people remember sound from systems of yesteryear. Maybe that is the key to why this hobby is withering.
I had a few of these experiences. #1. A few years ago I test drove a Dodge Dakota pickup with a factory stereo. I was cruising down the highway, and Radar Love by Golden Earing came on. I never liked that song until then. It really rocked and sounded great (my own car systems have never been that great). I think it made me drive faster too! #2. The first time I played the Beatles "I'm looking through you"(Rubber Soul) through a Golden Tube preamp. It was so alive, I bought the preamp. #3. Every time I listen to Lyle Lovett's "She's already made up her mind". The low bass in phenominal, and when cranked a little, down right scary. Just my 2 cents worth.
My experience occurred ten years ago in a crowded, hot, busy high end audio shop. I was visiting the unknown store with a friend when I heard Krell reference monoblocks driving Martin Logans from a (forgotten) digital source. Even with those lousy conditions I heard a glimpse of heaven. The quality was astonishing. That peak experience introduced me to this hobby.
Probably at 14 years of age listening to In My Time Of Dying by Led Zep on my old crappy record player at an incredibley loud level ..when it got to the drum break I kicked out my bare foot and flayed my arms in my best John Bonham/Animal impression breaking my middle toe on a chair leg...... Alternatively at my mates house at a similar age a group of us used to be in awe of my best mates cooler older day as he passed up the hallway my mates door swung open to reveal one our other friends standing in the middle of the bedroom standing playing a golf club (?!)as AC/DC blasted away in the backround....great days.
Funny how nobody has mentioned listening to The Ring through an Audio Note Onagaku with Jadis speakers and Shun Mook products.
The inferior cigarette lighter adapter of the Ongaku is the limiting factor here for mobile exuberance. However, for stationary audio ecstacy, I think you're pretty close.
At the Hi-Fi Farm.....YBA CD player to Audio Note Ongaku amp to Karma Ceramique speakers. Robbie Robertson's Songs for Native Americans Track 8 "Words of...." OH, MY GOD! Even my wife would have been impressed with this one!
My audio memories fade, so I'll keep this au courant: The Cantata Singers luminescent performance of Scoenberg's De Profundis last night at Jordan Hall in Boston. Heavenly!
The upgrade to the Straightwire Crescendo Interconnects & Blac silc speaker cable was truly remarkable & brought tears to my eyes over what I began to hear over the Mit cable I was accustomed to. And still continues to amaze me to this day.
Removing the perforated metal screens on my Martin Logan CLS IIs and bolting them into the floor using a sorbothane dampener. Took me to a new level of aural ecstasy and moved me to tears.
For me it was getting a Fidelity Research MC cartridge, and their step-up phono device. About 1978,Trully an ear opener.I couldn't believe how much was in them there grooves,I was missing. I've spent'millions' in the interim but this was the stepping stone. Beyond here there be dragons that eat up your money,time, and your life;but in a good way of course.