Your Best HiFi DVD

I have seen/heard a few music DVDs so my favorites are from a small universe. I like a couple from David Gilmore - Remember That Night at Royal Albert Hall and In Concert Live at Robert Wayatts. I.m told that Nine Inch Nails and Chris Botti have good ones too.
alan hosworth ,if you like gilmore, you will love the quitar work of can find it on amazon..alan holsworth..dwhitt live
Lindsey Buckingham at Bass Hall. Great songs, tremendous guitar playing, and truly high impact sound. The sound of drummer Wilfredo Reyes' digital kit can be startling. This is about the only dvd I watch.

I have started to build a collection and really like the following:

Lyle Lovett Live
Springsteen Live in Dublin
Chieftains Down the Old Plank Road
Cindy Lauper Live - awesome Money Changes Everything!
Mark K and EmmyLou - Real Live Roadrunning
Stones - Shine a Light
Many others -hope there is a DVD of the Krauss/Plant tour

PS - I presume the best format for audio is PCM. What is LPCM and are any other formats good/bad?
i agree about the lindsay buckingham,,great
i agree about the lindsay buckingham,,great also there is one out of live at austin city limits, eric johnson
Good suggestions above.

Try also Black Eyed Peas Live from Sydney to Vegas - the Sydney concert is excellent quality with Keith Harris doing an awesome job on drums. (This concert is very dynamic and can be played extremely loud - so it is NOT for weak hearted systems - the sound is far better than the studio highly compressed albums put out by BEP)

Another excellent one to get for your Wife is Robbie Williams Swing while your Winning Live concert at the Albert Hall. She will definitely enjoy this and sound quality is absolutely superb and the British musicians do it justice (even though by rights it should be Count Basie band out there like it is on the CD)

A classic is Queen Live at Wembley - although the stadium sound quality is not all that good, the band is in absolutle peak form.
Government Mule "Tale of 2 cities" is a pretty good double disc, I dunno about true drooling lip sound but a great band and great concerts.
Try out Nils Lofgren and friends Live acoustic. Nils plays fantastic
acoustic guitar. To sample, go to you tube and check out " Keith don't go"
Here are some of my favourites in no particular order:

Loreena McKennitt - Nights from the Alhambra - great picture and sound

Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live - great picture and sound

Elton 60 - Live at Madison Square Gardens - great picture, sound, long concert with excellent songs choices, and a pile of bonus material

Diana Krall - Live in Paris (best of the Krall ones IMHO)

David Gilmour - In Concert (my favourite of the Gilmour DVDs). A little more stripped down. Awesome.

Pink Floyd - Pulse - excellent concert all the way around.

Keb' Mo' - Sessions at West 54th - great blues guy with guest appearance by Dr. John

Dave Matthews Band - The Central Park Concert - just a slight hair bright, but excellent music and quite dynamic

Roger Waters - In the Flesh Live - excellent all the way around.

James Taylor - Live at Beacon Theatre - still one of the benchmarks for sound and picture. His backup singers are amazing.

James Taylor - MusicCares Person of the Year Tribute - great performances by pile of guest artists and James as well

Jamie Cullum - Live at Blenheim Place. This young guy can play and sing pop styled jazz and standards in a unique and very entertaining way

Tony Bennett - MTV Unplugged - classic Tony done really well.

Van Morrison - Live at Montreux - Two discs with a concert from '74 and one from '80 (both have excellent music and really good sound for the time)

Ray Charles At the Olympia - good performance by Ray

Norah Jones - Live in New Orleans - solid performance if you like Norah's style

Oscar Peterson Trio '77 - Oscar with both Ray Brown and Niels Pederson trading off on bass - video quality is lacking, but sound quality really isn't too bad at all. But the musicianship is absolutely outstanding.

Sara K - Nautilus Tour 2002 - I have this on order from CDBaby and know it will be excellent as the CD from this session "Are We There Yet?" is absolutely stellar.
The Alice in Chains Unplugged is my favorite.

Taku Hirana is the drummer on Lindsey Buckingham's DVD

Eagles-Hell Freezes Over is excellent.

Eric Clapton- Live in Hyde Park is great with a lot of blues.

Shania Twain-Up Close & Personal. Intimate concert with Allison Krauss and Union Station for her back up band.

SRV- Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985. Great concerts. Watch the fools boo SRV.

Don Henley-Live Inside Job. Great sounding and very different from the Eagles concert.

Goo Goo Dolls- live in buffalo-Great concert and in the POURING rain.

David Gilmore- in Concert- Stripped down and absolutely wonderful.
I continue to build my collection.

1. Van Morrison live at Montreaux, 2 DVD set, Fantastic.
2. John Fogerty, Long Road Home (super Rock N Roll, many of the older CCR hits)
3. Steely Dan, Two Against Nature (recorded in 5.1, NYC Sony Studios)
4. Chicago, Live by Request
5. Joe Cocker Live from Germany (1996), Back up singers are gorgeous.
6. James Taylor, Live at the Beacon Theater
7. Bee Gees, Collectors Edition, 2 DVD set (Fabulous)
8. Carole King in Concert (unbelievable)
9. Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Vicious Cycle Tour
10. Eagles, Hell Freezes Over
11. Susan Tedeschi, Live from Austin, TX (wonderful)