Your best chair you listen to your gear

Just wondering what chairs you audiophile guys are using?
I am trying to find very comfortable chair maybe recliner to listen to my 2 channel music
Thank you for your sugestions
I use a chair and ottoman. I used to use a La-Z-boy with a high back and it blocked the sound of the rear channels for 5.1 applications. Also I usually sit forward on the edge of my chair as it makes it easier to reach my Ludwig 9 pc. Air Drums. or my Steinway Grand Air Piano or to hold my Fender Stratocaster Air Guitar or Bass I seldom use my Air Tamborine as it buised my hands which had a negative effect on my drumming and strumming.
If you have the bucks, Ekornes Stressless Chairs are probably one of the best. Very comfortable and cool looks.

BTW, I've seen Theo play his "air" isn't pretty.
Theo makes a good point, that a high back just doesn't work for a "listening" chair.
If you search the archives you will find this has been discussed before. here is a thread on that subject.
Charles and Ray Eames lounge chair.

I second Ekornes Stressless Chairs. While the Eames is comfortable, it angles to far back to get the ears in the right plane.
Ekornes Stressless.
Eames lounge chair and ottoman. Style and comfort!
Lazy Boy
I have two gliders on my deck outside. I prefer the wooden one over the metal one. Inside, I am relegated to the living room couch, my little listening room has been assigned to other duties.
I have a set-up that I cart outside during nice weather. No fancy expensive chair recommendations. But there really is something special about listening outside.
I try to get the chair closest to the sripper pole
"Your best chair you listen to your gear"... is good for the ear and easy on the rear !! LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL
Ikea's Poang is a good, inexpensive chair for listening. I use an extra cushion to get a little extra height and make sure my ears are above the seat back. As stated in the first response, this is critical for a listening chair. IMO
After months of looking and trying out lots and lots of chairs at showrooms in Chicago and High Point, NC I finally bought a Lafer (Kiri).

Not wildly expensive, well made, super comfortable, very adjustable, look cool, and don't take up a lot of space (no need for an ottoman as the foot rest wraps under the seat).

Certainly worth checking out.
I forgot to mention the Lafer also reclines all the way back so the back of the chair doesn't impair listening...
Second the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Style and comfort is right but does not come cheap :-)
I have an Ekornes Stressless and now use a "Luna" chair. It has a low back and is very comfortable with ottoman. It's about 1/4 the price of the Ekornes. You can also get a version with headrest. There is a picture of one on my System page.
Eames designed a lasting design. The detail in Ekornes chairs and ottomans may be unsurpassed. I got a Lafer years ago because of its compact design and versatility.

Oldgrey, you didn't mention it but the headrest section is adjustable as well.
As bad as MoFimadness considers my "air musicianship" it far exceeds HIS singing along with Taylor Swift. Kinda like a Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin duet.:)
I've set in a few Ekornes Stressless chairs and found them over priced and over rated.
The arms were to low and the headrest just wasn't that comfortable.
I guess it's just what your used to.
Lazy Boy Stereo HiFi love seat way cool.