Your best 2-channel system for 6000$ total

I'm looking for advice on creating a new/used 2-ch stereo setup for under 6000$ total. I listen to rock, blues, etc. pretty loud. Components:
1. Full Range Speakers (preferrably down to 25-30 hz)
2. Integrated Amp (or seperates)
3. CD Player
4. Tuner
5. Cables, etc.

(I just bought new psb synchrony 2's and new parasound halo a21 but don't like the sound together, although i am using a cheap bluray player and avr as preamp. I was thinking of selling those items for around 4000$ and using that $ towards my new system. Or maybe i should keep those and build from there?) I am looking for what you would do if you were in my shoes today....Much Thanks!
Hi WAtson,

If it were my budget, i would go with either: Thiel 3.6 (here for $1800 secondhand) or full range pair of SF speakers...very different sound...but matched with the right electronics, both can make magic.

For Thiel, older Class A Krell (FPB series) and a CJ 17LS preamp with some old Transp Ref cables...could just about make your budget. A good Oppo Blu-ray 93 would be plenty good though there is doubtless better.

As for SF, get good floorstander or older Extremas...partner latter with Krell/CJ again or could go with med-powered tubes depending on efficiency of unit and how loud you actually play, since you did say loud...perhaps 2 CJ MV60SEs monoblocked...sensational magic and good power.
good luck. my 2 cents.
Folks gave you some good advice on your other thread.
Speakers: Sonus Faber Concerto Domus (list:3450) 1600+ship
or Opera Seconda (list: 3500) 1700 + ship
Electronics: Cary Audio Design CAI-1 (list: 2000) 840+ ship
Source: Oppo BDP-95 999
AC: Richard Gray RGPC400 Pro (list: 900) 440 + ship
Cables: Nordost 10' Red Dawn (list: 1000) 350 w/ spades, Nordost Baldur XLR 1M (list: 500) 220, Nordost Shiva 2m AC (Amp to pwr center) 160, 2 Audioquest NRG4 6' AC (Pwr center to wall & DVD to power center) (list 360) 189 each
Tuner: Used 100
Sub Total: 5187 + shipping and Interconnect for Tuner
(Total @ list: approx over $10,000.00)
Agree with Cine100...might consider bigger SF speakers if you can squeeze it since its under your budget...and also upgrading from nordost Red Dawn. Generally like the combinations.
I agree with Tpreaves. First try a better CDP and definitely keep the Parasound.
What don't you like about the PSB/Parasound combo? How big is your room? Have you experimented with speaker placement? Do you have acoustic treatment?

I'd look to those before spending another cent on gear. Your speakers and amp are good quality.
1. Full Range Speakers (preferrably down to 25-30 hz)
2. Integrated Amp (or seperates)
3. CD Player
4. Tuner
5. Cables, etc

1. Magnapan MG 1.7 $2000
2. Simaudio Moon i-1 $1500
3. Oppo BDP-93 NuForce Edition: $899
4. Do you really need that? I'd hold off. Or do you mean Net tuner? Squeezebox.
5. 2 Shunyata Diamond Back Power Cords $125 each=$250
6. 2 Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects $200

That's close to $5,500 and leaves you with $500 to buy what matters the most--music.
Much thanks to everyone, new at this and glad i finally am getting some sound advice. Seems like my sources (cheap BRP and cable....) are my main problem i am finding out now. I am using a marantz new avr as a preamp but it does have good input s/output voltage and was recommended by Parasound to stay in my budget. I am looking at buying a used Rega Saturn CDP or something similar for my main source. I can run the avr in pure direct mode which supposedly passes the signal right through....hopefully the avr won't have to be replaced next!
My PSB Synch's were also bright and forward. Spkr cable selection can integrate these speakers into the system. Also room treatments are very important. Much cheaper than buying new speakers.

06-04-12: Tpreaves
Folks gave you some good advice on your other thread.

Yes, you already got the right advice on your other thread. Your Parasound/PSB combo is so much better than your upstream components they're just revealing those shortcomings.

First of all, ditch your cheap Blu-ray for an Oppo, whichever one you're willing to pay for. Second, don't expect great sound from your cable video feed, though a better AV pre/pro could help.

I don't know what you're using for cable, but electronics are all about signal transfer. Some entry level Transparent may be a good place to start there.
It will be interesting to see how you make out. I recently finished re-making my system, which now falls somewhat in your ballpark. Speakers, amp and preamp cost $2900 used.

Soliloquy 6.3i speakers
Coda Model 11 amplifier
VAC Auricle preamp w/ phono

Which would leave you ~ $3100 for your Sources and cables. I'm very happy with the sound I'm hearing. I put this together as a "budget" system, after selling off most of my more expensive gear, yet this rig is still very musically satisfying to me.
Thanks to All. Currently i am using low cost blue jean cables that an issue?

My room is 14' wide, 20' long and has a slanted ceiling 8' - 14' on the other side. The speakers face "long ways" and i sit about 12 feet away from them. The floor is carpet but there is NOTHING on the walls and only a couch and chair in that room....any recommendations?

I am going to keep the speakers, amp and avr and get a good cd player. Need something that sounds great with rock and blues.
I'll let others address your slanted ceiling, but my room is only 12' x 16' and the PSBs didn't sound right until they were 4' from rear wall, 8' apart, and listening position 8' from spkrs. An equilateral triangle. BTW, It took me about 2 months of changing positions, moving treatments and toe-in.
I used to have the Bluejeans speaker cable - they are not bright or forward at all, rather the opposite. So don't change cabling until you've fixed your other problems (room, speaker placement, source, amp).

Please read each guide on this page as a primer on acoustics and speaker set up. It makes a huge difference.

Some bad news, all this "direct pass" stuff would do is bypass the (probably extremely crappy) filtering section of your AVR's preamp section. But your (probably extremely crappy) source signal is still going through the (probably extremely crappy) preamp section of your AVR.

Room, speaker placement, new CDP, new preamp, in that order.

When you do get to gear, you might want to shortlist something like the Audiolab 8200CDQ, which is a combined CDP/DAC/Preamp.