Your average size city apartment deserves speaker

So many posts mention the best speaker for X$ or for the skies the limit.
But more often than not the size of the room should play a bigger role in determining which speaker to choose.
For simplicity's sake let's say the average size room is 12' X 16', please feel free to offer suggestions as to a more common size room found in the typical dwelling of cities.
Now to the question of this thread. I have recently heard my new best speaker ever heard, which of course I can't afford just yet. The alexandria's. Right up there next to Mbl's omni series they sit as the reference speaker for which I hope to have that sound in my room some day. But the Wilson Alexandria's need a bigger room for sure and so do the Mbl's.
So with that reference in mind what speaker will offer the sound the Alexandria's had, the bass was just so dead on and effortless? Truly getting closer to life-like, I have to hear the Mbl's again to see which one is for me so when I hit the lotto I will not waste any time searching.
Subs can be included.

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Theil 1.6 supported by a Martin-Logan Depth subwoof (this is for a smaller room, right?).

Drive the Thiel's with BAT electronics and a Rega Saturn.

Harmonic Technology wire and Shunyata Hydra will do it.