Your audiophile chair

I am searching a quality lounge chair to listen to music.

I like a lot VIPP brand, the 488 Model.

Any suggestion?

Surfing the web on european websites, I found a funny seat....
Felice Rossi - RAM lounge chair. Design: No Picnic | J. Bergfeldt.

May be this chair is some solution to some reverb sound from the room. The structure in enameled steel tube, seat and back in polyurethane foam are covered in leather V 118.

Felice Rossi's seat audiophile
Felice Rossi's lounge chair


Thank you.


+1 @mbmi      Don't use a high back chair.  Padding behind the ears doesn't fix room boundary issues by simply shutting off  reflected sound from the rear.  The room has to be fixed.

IMHO, you never want anything that rises above your shoulders.  I inherited a pair of Stressless lounge chairs with Ottomans.  They are sized differently.  The smaller one was ideal, in that it comes up to the bottom of my neck.  Even though I am a large "audiopile", I find it comfortable for listening, and less sleep inducing than the larger, higher backed model.

I use a Eames lounge chair replica that my wife gave me for Christmas.  It's nice and works fine. 

Poang chair for me, with an ottoman and customed back support.  Without back support, the chair was not confortable but the back support transforms it to a lazy-man recliner.

When my Stressless Recliner finally got worn & ugly enough for my wife to insist I get rid of it (it also began to squeak), I simply substituted a nice, luxurious, padded, non-reclining chair I had in the living room. The fabric is just rough enough to keep me in the perfect position. It adds a nice bit of deadening to the room. It also puts me at the perfect listening height. I've been living happily ever after.