My Audio journey ends with my current MAGIC combination of KR AUDIO, GATO SPEAKERS, RESONESSENCE MIRUS PRO DAC AND CLARITY AND HIGH FIDELITY CABLING. I took my system to the LSAF and people were really pleased with the sound. What is the recipe that made you happy?
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Hi Calvinj,
Time to sit back and enjoy your music. I'll bet your set up sounds awesome. Take a break from the campain trail ;-)
See you in six months to a year when you decide you just need to tweak one more thing...
Tweaks don't count,right?I'm done also.No new equipment unless something breaks.I will still be curious about how that speaker or that amp would sound if swapped in.I'm going to kick back,enjoy,and live vicariously through y'all:)
Well, first of all I'm not going to lug my system to an audio event to verify my purchasing acumen.  I've been to those events, and opinions are all over the place (and the rooms mostly suck).  I prefer to keep my listening non-competitive.
I have had horns, planars, and dynamic speakers (all driven with suitable electronics).  I have currently settled on Harbeth P3esr speakers driven by Odyssey Audio Electronics (tube pre, ss amp).  Kimber 4TC cables and Groneberg interconnects.  The speakers are on Sound Anchor stands.  I also added a REL sub.  8k system, not including front end.  I feel no need to change.
Notes:  for me one sub works, for most applications I would recommend two.  If I had a bigger room, I would most likely get bigger Harbeths.
I actually did it on a suggestion from KR Audio and Gato  I’m friends with a lot of local guys in our audiophile community. Since my listening buddy died 2 years ago I’ve been kinda of down.  Setting my system up in that environment was fun.  I’m going to do it again. I just wanted to share. I didn’t need any validation from anyone. I know it’s pretty good. Anyway I use SD cards in my Dac for playback. I bought the KORG DSR 10 and a new laptop to put more music on my SD cards. I’m in a good place and listening a lot more.  
@calvinj I’m so sorry to hear about your friend.
I’ll be your new listening buddy. 🙂

- Nick
Got the bug back and rebuilding a system that I suppose will be respectable, I just ordered a PM 8006 from Marantz, featurind a top integrated phono preamp, along with a Marantz ND 8006 CD/Streamer/Files reader media player DAC. My speakers are a pair of KEF Q550, TT is a Technics SL1210 MkII (because I used to be a DJ in the 70’s/80’s and I developed some attachment for this gear) With an Ortofon blue, and Technics RS1500US R2R for the nostalgy.
Put the 1500 in my office with my old Scott 460A and a pair of Bose 301 Mk2 bookshelf monitors. Not Hi-Fi of exception probably but surely the best for me and my wallet, trying to keep things under relative control. It will take a bit of time before I digest the whole thing and start tweaking but I'm good for now... 
@technick thanks. It’s been tough. @magnetoserge you look like you got a nice set up. Just enjoy it. I ended up with a lot of expensive stuff because of my initial journey. I’ve sold and flipped a lot of gear through relationships to get great prices on stuff. My system is rather expensive to some but I put it up vs. systems 5 times the cost and it does it for me.  Im pretty confident in my abilities to put a system together and I’ve been blessed with a lot of knowledge from my older audio friends. Listening puts me in a happy place. It makes the worries of life go away. This hobby can financially drain you if you let it.  The challenge for me has always been to put together world class for a 1/4 of the price and I’m in a good place there won’t be any major changes outside the gear I have. There is a slight chance of getting a kronzilla sxi KR AUDIO which is the jumbo king size  of the amp I have now but outside of that I have a Melco server and a tubed Sony modwright es5400 and I will probably keep both around and call it a day! Enjoy everyone while you are still here!
My system has been stable since 2015- and I’m quite happy, with zero desire to change out anything. 
Hoping I am reaching the end section of the journey when my Burmester B100, arrive, I will be driving them with Ps Audio BHK 250, DSD dac and DMP transport with Aesthetix Calypso sig preamp, MG Audio design cables and a pair of MJ Acoustics Ref 1 mark4 subs....... fingers crossed !

Fellas we get there in different ways. @ianmuir1 you have a nice set up. You should be in a good place.  I have allowed myself to just enjoy the music. I am keeping the majority of my system stable because I’m not going to throw any more money into it. It took 8 years of furious changes and experiments but I’m in a good place. @zavato I totally understand.  I’m just finding great recordings and trying to enjoy as much as I can. @uberwaltz I been there. Lol. @kahlenz I took my system to the LSAF because we do a room called THE BLACK HOLE. It’s a group of guys that love to sit and listen for hours days straight. Lol. My system is good and I know it.  I just like to share the ear candy of the tunes coming out of them with the world!