Your approach to shipping electronics?

I have been in the habit when I ship electronics or other fragile items of using a local mailing service to package, insure and ship (such as a mailboxes etc.). I have done so for several reasons that I think re valid.
1. They package for a living, I don't..they should be able to do a better job.
2. They insure the package, not the shipper, so they make good on the claim to you, and pursue the shipper for their own costs.
3. As they package it, they cannot claim it was packaged incorrectly and fight a claim for damage.
4. A successful claim on insurance does not thrill me, it is a no win situation, as all you do is break even at best. The end result being that you do not have what you wanted to obtain.
5. Yes, they re expensive, as much as twice the cost of the DIY approach. But still, if I am going to spend thousands on merchandise, I don't see the point on getting parsimonious on the shipping costs.
Having said this, I don't buy or sell large numbers of items, so perhaps this is less of an issue with me....and it could be that I am mistaken in my assumptions. I am interested in hearing other views on this issue.
Sometimes these people know zip about what they are shipping. I have purchased two turntables, packed by services. Both cantilevers were broken and one of the arms was bent, clearly due to the method of packing, not shipping damage. The best policy, by far, to insure successful shipment is to double box with compliant material, such as peanuts or newspaper between the two boxes. Peanuts are not very good to use in the inner box as they can shift. If the original packing materials are not available for the inner box, I like bubble wrap and newspaper or foam. Tubes should always be removed from gear, their positions marked and then packed in a seperate sub-box. It's all a lot of trouble, but much less so than the disappointment of damaged gear.
The risk mitigation is a good point but I realy prefere simply either pick-up myself or wait for local pickup to the point that if I agree to buy turntable that is located in Baltimore MD I'd drive from Brooklyn NY there and pick it up.

Yes, It is expencive gaswise but cant think of safer way indeed.
I have bought 2 items that were shipped to me by Baxglobal.----(Oh fer 2 I 'yam.) Both involved demolition derby fork-lift drivers.---So wooden crates and all the best factory protection can't save your equip from goons. As far as denying claims;they're up there with the best. I have had MUCH better success with Fedex.
I have also had problems with BAX Global. Even after their investigator agreed to the claim, the adjusters would not pay. As an altenative to a carton for double packing, consider a plastic storage container. I read an article where Joule Electra were shipping their show amplifiers like this. It is a novel idea, and I can defintely see the advantges.
I have decided to use Fed Ex instead of UPS

A friend of mine works for Fed Ex and says that their drivers buy their trucks and routes and pay for the insurance on the packages as well. I have decided to use them as I feel they will take better care of their packages than UPS because UPS uses another insurance carrier and I feel they will not be as careful with the packages.

Also I have had 2 packages damaged by UPS and the first one was obviosly dropped from quite a distance (my Rogue 88 Magnum - yikes)

I know this is not a response for this thread but wanted to share the info about Fed Ex.
well.....I dont trust the courier company, even Fedex. Tend to workout myself.

I dont want to hear any client complaint simple because I let someone do the packing for me.....too much sad history.
I have had 5 pieces of "expensive" electronics all shipped via UPS. They were all packaged in the original boxes by the previous owner. Everyone of them made it here in perfect condition.