Your Advice on a good HT receiver

I want to have a good HT receiver for my speaker system : Martin Logan Aeon front speaker , B&W HTM center , Bose 301 rear. I want to have good 2 chanel amplification and nice Doldy digital and DTS HT receiver for less than 1300$ used or new.
Any of the Denons. The 4800 is really a great, great receiver. It's not a real winner in the two channel category, but for HT, it's a stunner. Cheers!

It is worth your time to check out the Carver C-1000 hT reciever with bob carvers holography circuit and 5 x 200 watts .. it is also awesome in 2 channel ...Bob Carver of Sunfire is building this unit and it is coming out of the sunfire plant ...
we are a showcase dealer on audiogon -- check it out there ...

good luck and good listening
Can you psot the efficiency and impedance infor on the Aeon? Most M-L present a somewhat difficult load for a receiver. Combination of a little lower cost receiver and separate 2-ch amp might make sense.
The Outlaw Audio receivers are an incredible buy. They have a website, which I've forgotten, but you can contact Walter (known as "Underwoodwally" on this site, put in that user name and you can email him) for info on the unit.
Onkyo Integra or NAD
"I want to have good 2 chanel amplification"

Buy a descent receiver, ie Denon 3802 and then buy a seperate (used)2 channel amp and use the preout on the Denon for your fronts.
I agree the Outlaw 1050 is a great bargain at $499 (and I know someone selling a used one at $350 if it isn't already gone), but it is only 65wpc and is a little limited on digital inputs. Website is

Musically, I think a used Nak AV-10 is one of the best and also very good ergonomically.

However, as I said before, this is a tough load. Nominal impedance of 4 ohms, and dips to less than 2 (1.32 according to website), with sensitivity of 89 dB/W-m. Play this puppy loud and you'll smoke most receivers.

Buy a receiver with the feature set and ergonomics you like, and put a good quality stereo amp on the M-L's.
Inscrutable is correct with the impedance issue. ML's are very difficult to drive effectively. Therefor you need a receiver that doubles into a 4ohm load. To my knowledge Denon is not one of them. Taste is subjective and I certainly don't know yours, but the dynamic range becomes a real issue in HT. Brighter receivers tend to be very harsh in HT(perticularly with ML's). Most HT receivers are Japanese made(or at least designed), most Japanese products tend to be on the harsh side...this may be a real problem for you. There is one exception and that is Marantz. The Marantz receivers will double into a 4ohm load, and tend to be a little warmer. Good luck!
Martin Logan's and BOSE???... lol what a pair... Anyway maybe a NAD i have the C-370 integrated and am VERY happy with it. A great place to buy is they are authorized and hae great prices. was the best online shopping ive ever had. Also maybe you would wanna try a multichannel amp?
Those Bose have to go! If you keep them, then forget about getting a good receiver, and buy a cheap and dirty Sony receiver from Best Buy. The best your system can sound is it's weakest link, and the Bose are beyond weak!

In terms of Receivers, the Outlaw is a no-brainer. I have one in a system with a 1000w sub and four tower speakers and a high quality front and rear center. Don't let the low price fool you, it is easliy the best A/V receiver under $1000.
Thanks for all your reponse. Can I plug my martin Logan with the outlaw even if my martin logan are 4 ohm?
The receiver has a 4/8 ohm switch, which is a current limiter, telling me it may be a bit challenged by tough loads. With dips to 1.3 ohms, I would NOT try to run them full-range and loud, but you may get away with having a sub taking the low frequencies off it. I'd suggest you send them an email or post a question over at the Outlaw Saloon (discussion forum on their website) to get an accurate informed response.

If you have a speaker system like the Martin Logan Aeons as your fronts, then I would have to concur with one of the other posters that has posted here. Nothing less than one of the top Marantz models will do for this application. Though hopefully, those Boses will be disposed of pretty soon, I hope. But being that the M/Ls tend to be difficult to drive, I would just as soon buy a good mid priced A/V Receiver with "pre-outs" for the two front channels and then just buy a good stereo amp to drive the M/L when you are listening to music, and then use the A/V Receiver itself to drive the center and surround channels when you are watching movies. Let's see if that works????

Dis,FORGET!!! any recommendations for mid fi recievers from Denon,Marantz,Onkyo etc.. and follow the advice of Questforsound from 11/15/01 and JUST BUY A NEW CARVER C1000A !!! I bought one on Ebay for $1100.00 delivered and it ABSOLUTELY KILLS every receiver under $3000.00 out there and comes so close to besting the B&K AVR307 that my buddy who owns one almost cried when we put my new Carver into his system and I told him how much I paid for it.Okay so it does not process as many formats as ALL the mid fi receivers out there,you still get DD,DTS & matrixed 6.1 surround and you get enough POWER to make your ML's & B&W SING along with refined,delicate,dynamic HOLOGRAPHIC 2 channel listening! Make sure you get the latest version C1000A.Check out Ebay & Audiogon & you'll find a great deal and you won't be sorry!I look forward to hearing your final decision.Enjoy.
I am thinking about doing the same thing in a HT down the road...many have recommended