Your advice on a good cable

Here is my curent system: YBA 2 Preamp, YBA 2HCDT AMP and JMlab Mini Utopia speaker with a Cambridge CD6 player. What brand of interconnect and speaker cable you recommand to take the best out of this setup. I had in mind to buy transparent ultra cable but some people in audiogon think that they are overpriced and not good (ref: Hall of shame)

Thanks for your help.
And please dont tell my to buy 10K$ cable Im not rich :)
I found Nordost interconnect cables worked well with my CD6. I used Blue Heaven and later Red Dawn. The Red Dawn did amazing things with the CD6.
Cables are so damn system dependent I have a hard time recommending cables to anyone. That said, in my system the Acoustic Zen cables/interconnects have really added life to the music. They seem to reach down and grab the subtle harmonic structure of instruments and present them in an incredibly balanced, coherent, and natural way. If you try them you may want to experiment with the interconnects--I use the Silver Reference between my DAC and preamp and the copper Matrix Reference for my preamp to amp connection. I find this best preserves all the detail from the front end but still captures the full tonal complement of the music. The Satori speaker cables are really something special and an incredible bargain at under $700 for an 8ft. pair. Best of luck.

It really doesn't matter what other people think of your purchases as long as you feel they are provided good sound and value. As Soix says above, cabling is very system dependent. Hook-up with a good local dealer or someone like the Cable Co. who will let you at home demo a number of different products. Some will probably work better than others and its possible that you might come across a specific line that works magic on your system. I recommend that whatever you pick, stay with the same manufacturer for both interconnects and speaker cables. There are some synergistic advantages.

Somewhat off topic, have you considered upgrading your CD player? The rest of your system could easily support a better front end than the Cambridge.
I have found Alphacore Goertz Sapphire silver cables
to be excellent interconnects, and not outrageously
expensive. I'm using a Nordost Silver Shadow as a
digital cable, which is also very nice.
I'm a big believer in the whole Analysis Plus line, which is also very reasonable. For budget ICs the TMC white and Yellow ICs offer enourmous value, but are quite stiff and don't work well if you have to move or swap components regularly.
You should contact The Cable Company ( Mr. Robert Stein ) for his recommendation, borrow those cables recommended and the ones you want and try them out!
For YBA components, the YBA cables are also a good match! For the source, the Stealth PGS does good things too! I have the PGS and tried it on several systems and the sound is always very pleasing and with all types of music!
Rgds & enjoy!
I agree with Onhwy. Also found the Red Dawn and Harm Tech to be excellent (and indistinguishable) with a budget CDP.
Only when securing a far better front end (emc-1) did I notice how hollow the midrange is on both of these ICs, for example. So perhaps get one of these spectrally saddle-backed wires for now, looking to a better CDP down the line. Have fun.
If you don't have small children, nosy pets, or clumsy cleaning people, I can recommend Mapleshade wire ( It's inexpensive, covered by a moneyback guarantee, and it really transformed my main system. Only problerm is it's thin and somewhat fragile, but it sure doesn't SOUND thin.
I like Harmonich Tech for the money. They offer a big sound,with a great frequency range. I use the Magic. I know it is expencive, but I compared it to some really expencive Siltechs($2,000 & $3,000) and Kimber Selects and prefered the Magic.
Fineberg is right the A/P cables are the best for the dollars you spend. My favorite is the silver ovals...there are some available on this website's classifieds.