Your advice needed, speakers to buy $8K to $13K

Hello All - I am shopping/buying speakers and want your advice and recommendations on what speakers to audition that might meet my needs/wants. I am looking for floor standing speakers in the price range of $8,000 to $13,000 with the following info for you to consider:

·       I currently have an older CJ 120 wat system but am now changing my entire system starting with speakers. I am looking at AR LS28 or Primaluna EVO 400 tube preamps and a class D power amp. Right now, the Bel Canto 600 with 300+ wats.  My plan is to add tube magic in the signal path at the preamplifier.

·       I stream mostly via Bluesound Nod 2i but for serious listening I have a Linn LP12.

·       I need speakers that are not to room, location or set-up fussy as I have moved a few times and will move again.

·       My listening tastes are diverse although I don’t listen to rap, heavy metal, pop or much opera. The rest is fair game.

·       I love to crank-it-up, but I listen mostly and moderate to low volume levels – the speakers MUST sound good at low volumes

·       Tied to bullet above - I am partial to highly efficient speakers with 90 db efficiency or more. I have a have the impression that higher efficiency speakers still sound good at lower volume. I have been told, by salespeople, that this is not correct, so I open to efficiency below 90 db.

·       I need and want something pleasing to the eye and not obtrusive. Said another way, and to give you an idea of my aesthetic taste, absolutely no Tektons.

·       The sound that engages me emotionally and I am looking for in speakers:

o   Lots and lots of air and space

o   Beautiful imaging

o   Big soundstage

o   Extended highs (I like the sound of ribbon tweeters as it seems to extend way up and sparkle…airy)

o   I like base but only as a support and foundation for the rest of the musical range, but it is not a big focus for me as it is for some.

·        The sound I do not like:

o   Sound that seems reserved, held back, constrained (i.e., opposite of special and airy)

o   Sound coming clearly from a box or from specific location….as in from a box

o   Lack of extended highs

o   Blooming base

·       Considered to date:

o   Alta Audio Alec, $10K – Spacial and airy to a fantastic level. Imaging is just moderate.

o   Spacial Audio X5, $7K – To date, they have check most of my boxes except they are really large and obtrusive. Basically, I am looking for this sound but in a more attractive package.

o   Ohm – Very open and airy but imaging and top end sparkle missing for my taste

YOUR CHALLENGE – What other speakers should I consider and looking at?   Thank you in advance for your thoughts!



Even on You Tube you can tell these ProAc K3's are very special 

 Listen to this with GOOD Headphones and it sounds much like you would hear at a Live Concert
1.  Something used...

I like OHM, but agree that if you like top end sparkle they may not have what you want, particularly with your electronics.

Salk SS 9.5 comes to mind, has options to open the back to add air and space if you like.  Top notch drivers, build etc.

@buttermanI was in a similar position as you and there are certainly a lot of very good choices and suggestions out there!

Like you I have a large room to fill with music. My room is 40x16x10 and there is a large opening to an adjacent room that really almost doubles that. My amp puts out 285w into 4ohms so it’s not super powerful by any means but it has some juice and is very musical!

I ended up going with and highly recommend the Monitor Audio Gen5 Gold 300s! Their newest in the line...They are gorgeous with their Piano Ebony and leather finish, and are even better sounding than they look!

The tweeter is the best I’ve ever head and I’ve listened to about every brand for 30 years or so. They are incredibly detailed and have a WOW factor on both the attack and decay! Yet they are never forward or in your face. They just present highs like cymbals like never before, just adding them into the music in their proper place when in the past with other speakers they were muted or not even heard.

The mids are beautiful and life like making Voices come to life. The likes of Norah Jones or Stevie Nicks jumps out at you with such a sense of realism that they sound as if they are there with you in the room!

The bass is deep, tight, and fast bringing fullness to any track you are listening to! The bass can also get down right crazy listening to tracks from the likes of the Dirty Heads who put that exaggerated bass into the recordings. The Gold 300s puts it out in spades making one look for the 15” subwoofer, that doesn’t exist, in the room! Lastly the need of sound output is not a problem, they play big and really need a large room to fill with music. They fill my space with ease and I find myself setting the volume where I did with my last set of speakers only to find myself coming back and turning down the volume. They can play loud!

The Monitor Audio Gold 300s are at the bottom of your price window at $8000 but as I have found out will out play most anything in their class!

TAS has given it a editors choice award two years running. There a lot of very positive reviews online about it here are two. They deserve an audition!