Your 3 Favorite Songs

We all have a ton of tunes that we love:
Ones that bring back memories, ones we melodically love and ones that are personally touching to us...

I have given this some serious thought and I am surprised by the 3 I've settled on:

The Little Drummer Boy (the traditional version by the Harry Simeon Coral)

Beautiful (by Carole King)

In Your Eyes (by Peter Gabriel)

Please give this some thought - and share yours...

"Up the Ladder to the Roof" by Diana Ross and the Supremes

"Incense and Peppermints" - The Strawberry Alarm Clock

For a modern tune I can't get out of my head nor do I want to..

"My One and Only Thrill" - Melody Gardot
I'll name four, in descending order of preference:

"My Cup Runneth Over" -- Ed Ames
"Both Sides Now" -- Judy Collins
"Tammy" -- Debbie Reynolds
"Today" -- The New Christy Minstrels

-- Al 

"God Only Knows", written by Brian Wilson (music) and Tony Asher (lyrics), performed by The Beach Boys, vocals by Carl Wilson.

"What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted", written by William Weatherspoon, Paul Riser, and James Dean, performed by Jimmy Ruffin. Joan Osborne has also recorded a great version.

"The Weight", written by J.R. Robertson, performed by, of course, The Band.

"No Time To Cry", written and performed by Iris Dement. An incredible song also recorded by Merle Haggard, Kasey Chambers, and Joe Nichols. Iris’ version remains the best.

No Lennon & McCartney songs? They imo were a good writing team (not so good without each other), not a great one. Some disagree with that assessment ;-) .

One red rose John Prine
Kern river Haggard
Highlands Dylan
bdp24: I agree somewhat - but I read somewhere that YESTERDAY was/is the most covered song in recorded history, so alot of professional artists reallly like this one...

Thanks to all for expanding my base - I wil search "your 3s" out, and expand my exposure to noteable tunes...
... decided to expand this to 4 songs, partially because of bdp24's contribution, and because of a song I completely forgot about:

Written by Maria McKee, but the version I am really moved by is by The Dixie Chicks on their CD 'Wide Open Spaces": Am I the Only One
Honey  Bobby Goldsboro
Yesterday  When I was Young  Roy Clark
Lost in Space  Lighthouse Family

Out of at least a thousand candidates these are the 3 that currently come to mind.

I don't consider myself as at all religious, but looking at this list I'm not so sure.

All 3 are beautiful reminders as to the preciousness of loved ones and time itself. 

In my life - Beatles
Southern Cross - CSN
Paradise -  John Prine
"Wichita Lineman" Glen Campbell
"Monday Monday" Mamas & the Papas
"Will You Love me Tomorrow" Carole KIng

Great songs slaw. I always forget how good a song "Monday Monday" is, until I hear it playing. By the way, I met Carole in the late 90's, and she was absolutely wonderful, as beautiful inside as she is outside.
  • They Are Not Like Us - The Walkabouts
  • When the May Rain Comes - Current 93
  • North American Field Song - The Innocence Mission


My 4 faves here alone are 1) Twelve-Thirty
                                               2) Go Where You Wanna Go
                                               3) Monday Monday
                                               4) California Dreamin'
"Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate"  Jackson Browne
Wicked Game- Chris Isaacs
Madame George- Van Morrison
In My Time of Dying-Led Zep

I guess I like sad songs. One rock critic wrote that Madame George is the saddest rock song ever written. In My Time of Dying is about death but it isn't really sad because "its got to be my Jesus"! The last line of Wicked Game is heartbreaking: "Nobody loves no one."

***List subject to change***
For a fairly current song that most probably haven't heard..

Pinback "Sender"

Thank me later...…….
Something the Beatles
Disney Girls the Beach Boys
Do Wa Diddy Manfredman( my first 45 purchase)
It changes all the time.

Death is not the End - Nick Cave (cover of Dylan)
The Denver Grab - Sixteen Horsepower
Party - Aldous Hardy
noromance, I get you--ask me tomorrow and you might get a different list. These three are "timely," coincidentally:

I Guess I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (Beach Boys)
Long, Long Time--(Linda Ronstadt)
Tomorrow is a Long Time--(Bob Dylan)
Giant - The The
Heartbeat - King Crimson
The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
@tostadosunidos Yup! There is no way I can only have 3 favourites even if it is the topic.

Stars - Janis Ian
Creation - The Incredible String Band
Steppenwolf - Hawkwind
armstrod, Thank you for reminding me about The Ocean. I'm a Zep fan but often forget great songs like that.
I have many more than 3 favorites but as I sit here these 3 come to mind: Mary Chapin Carpenter "John Doe number 24"
Dar Williams "When I was a Boy"
Lori McKenna "Lorraine"
What these 3 songs have in common is the emotion they evoke in me.

Tough one!
So cruel - U2
It's a hard life - Queen
Tangled up in blue - Bob Dylan
Another three for today.
Me and my Woman (live 1974) - Roy Harper
Take Me - Tindersticks/Carla Torgerson (George Jones)
Air - The Incredible String Band
Anchors Aweigh- US Navy Band

Marine Corp Hymn - 2nd Marine Division Band 
O’ Canada - Royal Canadian Navy Band - Halifax NS