Youngsters these days.

My 24 year old grandson finished his tour in the service recently and has been staying with us for the past several months. He got himself a good job, to help out and take care of himself, while deciding what to do in the future - back to school, etc.
After he got a few good pay checks, I joking suggested he buy his Pa a new CD player. If looks could kill. "Why would you want a new CD player?" He asked. I told him "just to upgrade the one I have". "No one buys CD players anymore" he exclaimed. "Then what's your Idea of fine Audio, a WalkMan?" I asked. "WOW! There's not even any such thing as a WalkMan any more" he said. To which I replied, "Ya there is, we have a guy on our forum who swears by em". He just rolled his eyes and said "No - Streaming! Using an iPhone or iPad you can get a streaming package and get all the music you want". "Why would I want to do That?" I asked "I have hundreds of great LPs and CDs, that I'm perfectly happy with." To that he replied "OK Boomer".  I guess that meant he knew I was right.
Why is it that youngsters just don't understand the love that some of us old folks have for our old LPs and CDs and we  have no interest in paying for another monthly service, to listen to all the music we already have?
We sold our house in MD and are in the early stages of having a home built in Western, NC.

To prepare out house for listing we "de-cluttered" and "staged" and am somewhat used to having less stuff in our living room.

So, instead of having an audio cabinet, receiver, CD player, speakers connected with wiring, etc. I decided to order a pair of KEF LS50 wireless speakers, which we'll drive with wireless sources (Spotify and Roon).

I suspect that the "younger generation" won't like the idea of matching this source with that amp, with those speakers, with those cables, etc. etc.  Streaming quality is so good now, no need to buy CDs and vinyl.  And that gives the manufacturer the opportunity to match the built in amplifier with the drivers, etc.

I do have a much more "high end" music system for another room, with over 1000 pounds of "traditional" equipment, but I'll be hiding out in my "man cave" to enjoy that.  But in our living room, de-clutter is the way to go!
old folks tend to be crazy over spending something that will please their eyes including walrus tusks for instance. 
over decade ago i've became a rational freak and would collect rain water for watering my garden when it's not raining and stopped my spendings for good except necessary items and i fully agree with your more rational son regardless of what you got to like.  
Thanks all for the comments and advise. 
While I probably will never give up my LPs and CDs, I might do well to upgrade to a newer (either new or used) CDP/DAC capable of running streaming devices. When it comes to streaming, never say never, I guess ;-) Jim
Who cares what a contemporary 24-year-old thinks about anything, let alone hi-fi? When I was 24, I had an ARC/bi-amped Magneplanar Tympani/Thorens-SME-Decca/Revox system. What's this kid have, ear buds?