you've got $25,000.00

Ok, here's the deal...i have researched until my eyes hurt, ears swelled and brain has fried :)
I listen to classical, jazz, rock and indie music.I love, musicality, whole note duration and music portrayed as a "whole cloth' with no exaggerated ANYTHING!
Clean, clear, musical pieces that get out of the way!
So...Pick a turntable, cartridge, tonearm etc. with this budget and background and help an old guy out :)
You've got to hear the VPI Superscout all tricked out with the rim drive... for the rest - spend it on records and tickets to live concerts
With your experience, I would suggest something in same $40K 'company'. Like Walker Black Diamond or TW Raven AC3. Reviews are stellar.

I have Clearaudio Master Ref/Master TQ1/Insider wood Ref/Everest stand, which I am extremely happy with.

Many options are available at this Price range. Recommend audition, audition and audition. Worth flying to distance for an audition to make the right choice
I'm part way there...

KAB USA modified Technics SL-1200MKII turntable with,
Cardas arm rewire
KAB USA fluid arm damper.
KAB USA outboard power supply.
Isonoe isolator feet.


Denon DL-S1 moving coil cartridge.


Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1.


Maple shade turntable platform.


Maple Shade Triple point three footers.


BAT VK-75 Tube power amp.




??? brand vacuum machine but about $600.

various high quality cables $1000.

Paradigm Signature 8 speaker system about $9000.00

Total $26,005.00