You used to love it but now.......................

Here's a fun question or maybe even a thought provoking one.

I guess we've all been listening to music for a very long time,what music/artists did you used to love or listen to a lot but now you struggle to sit through?
Not stuff you always hated.
Nor stuff that's been over-exposed,there's a whole list of great music that loses it value due to just being played far too much either by yourself or via the radio.
I'm not even talking about stuff that in hindsight you realise you probably overrated although that may play a part.

I listen still to a lot of stuff I liked 25 years ago and still get a kick out of it,some of it makes me misty eyed and nostalgic,some of I still enjoy the energy,an awful lot I've replaced on CD in recent years,hundreds of records actually.
Despite the fact that I can now hear influences, flaws,imperfections,naivety, even some crassness in the music that I didn't at the time,there is still a powerful effect from an awful lot of it.

However I seem to work on some kind of internal sub-conscious clock because some stuff I absolutely adored just leaves me cold now but I have the feeling at some other time in the future I may latch back onto it but not now.
Anybody guess why that is?

The bands/albums at this moment I'm struggling with are Sychronicity by the Police,Ocean Rain by Echo and The Bunnymen both records I liked a lot at the time but are a drag for me at this present time.The main band to show this effect are U2 who I loved at one time but I can barely stand to listen to them now,15 years ago or so I must have played The Joshua Tree to death and yet now I get nothing out of it,it just falls flat.

Who does this to you and anybody work out why this happens to you?
Or am I a bit nuts?
I never thought I'd say this, but Led Zepplin. They were my favorite band in the 70's. For some reason I just can't listen to them anymore. I must be getting old.
Every single song by Rod Stuart or Billy Joel, unless Im toasted at a Kareokee bar.
Something really wierd happened; I grew up. Most of my older rock music that I grew up with and used to love, I have grown out of. Jazz and Blues continue to fill up my collection and I end up taking most of my rock to the local exchange store. Really sucks to think that we grow up and now tell the kids to "Turn that sh*t down".

Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. The further these bands got from their first offerings the more effort it took for me to listen.
I used to listen a lot to Yes, ELO, Pink Floyd and Genesis (Selling England by the Pound saw a tremendous amount of time on the Technics) in my youth. I still have a few of these albums others having been lost, stolen, damaged. Frankly they just don't sound that great and the music just doesn't turn my crank after a long workday. I certainly have no desire to get any of this material on SACD. Maybe it's due to a change in co-stimulalatory materials; Ben Webster and single malts now seem to go better than Moody Blues and...well you know.

Funny thing is that I still listen to the same amount of "classical" music (40%) as compared to 30 years ago. I guess that's why they call it classical.
Well, since Britney Spears' one day tryst I've lost all respect for her and her music just doesn't sound the same. Its somehow lost that Mickey Mouse sentimentality.

The slut!

I haven't been so disappointed since Pee-Wee Herman's solo at the movies.

I remain,
Strangely is a lot of the music mentioned Floyd,Yes and Genesis which still hold a lot of magic for me despite my older ears.
Zeppelin I've simply never tired of nor have I stopped listening to them for any amount of time in the past 25 years probably more so than any other band.
My tastes have expanded but these bands and that era hold strong for me possibly because it relates to my teenage and very early 20's.
I Finally pulled the plug on Zepplin and sold my whole collection same goes for Pink Floyd, and If I never heard another Boston tune it would be to soon. I still love Jackson Browne, caught him live last year at a small venue, still lots of magic there. I recently aquired the re-mastered Peter Frampton live. That's sill a fun one from time to time.

I know what your saying though, lot's more Jazz and easy listening stuff these days. Say have any of you folks picked up the new Mavericks CD? I had never heard of these guys but am enjoying this album a lot. As they say it burns from the first note.
I like the old stuff even more than I used to since I started hearing the new stuff.
Inuit throat music I used to love, but it just isn't the same for some reason.
I think that most, if not all of us out grew of Tommy James and the Shondells. I used to listen to them for hours!

Fleetwood Mac's rumors hit the radio so hard when it came out that I got sick of it even before I had a chance to buy it.
I think music and art reflect the underlying spirit of the time. Popular music more than most genres are readily recognizable (publicized) as an influential part of their current cultures. Music of the time, at the time of their greatest strength, communicating to listeners sharing in a time of existence, creates the legendary. For all us, some music is time-less and it transcends trends. It is also true that all things popular will be once again in a cycle of time.

Originally, I added a turntable to the mix to play some old stuff. Some of it will not come out again!
I used to have almost everything Led Zeppelin did, including bootlegs. I have long since thrown it all away. I did buy a copy of III a year ago or so, but one listen was enough.

I can't stand the thought of even hearing the Eagles, much less owning any of it. "Desperado" is still a great song though.

I still think Ronnie James Dio has the best voice in heavy metal, but there is little or attraction to the idea of listening to Dio, Sabbath, or Rainbow.

Then there are lots of LPs I bought at the same time as these that I still spin regularly.

No accounting for taste...
Tired of Led Zep...are u kiddin me? IF I grow to old listen them...somebody take me behind the wood shed...stuff that doesnt age too well...80s alt...such as Cure,Echo,Sisters of Mercy,...basically goth pop...which (ironically) is having a rebirth of sorts...go figure...
Embarassed to admit it, but...

ANITA BRYANT works my last nerve.

Otherwise I seem to be OK.
Thinkin' of Beatles that were in my main listening repertoire when I was a kid. Now I hate them since they actually started pop music
Not so long period of time I was listening to heavy metal stuff like Metallica, Iron Maden, Guns and Roses, but now I feel no interest there whatsoever.
Back in the 80's I was into the whole chipmunk macrobiotic diet and the accompanying new-age theme-songs that went along with it, complete with a heaping helpin' of the likes of Enya, Lorenna Mckennit, and the whole Windham Hill/Private Music gang. Must of been a sharp blow to the back of the head in a motorcycle accident or something, but I've since been cured of that proclivity, and it is now more likely to induce the flight response in me if I hear that kind of music being played in a public place (you sure as hell won't find it spinning on my CD player any more). If I hear "Oronoco Flow" one more time I'm sure I'll make national headlines.

Around the same time I was listening to a whole lot of atonal and avant garde music(Stockhausen, Takemitsu, Orff, etc.) , which no longer appeals to me as it did then. I don't think it would bring up the same violently nauseous feelings that Enya has the potential of, but I also don't think it would capture me as it once did.

Things change.

I can still listen to the Eagles but mainly for the first few minutes of Hotel California with the drum and guiter riffs. Don Henley has some good new stuff -Inside Job. I find it hard to listen to the 60's and 70's oldies on my system due to compression but it's ok in the car for short periods. I can no longer listen to the Beatles or 80's and 90's music. Still like CSN&Y and America.
I have moved to classical and jazz and female vocals as Diana Krall, Alison Krauss, Karrin Allyson, Dianne Reeves, Jane Monheit, Patricia Barber, Natalie Cole, Holly Cole, Bonnie Raitt, and Joni Mitchell.
I have become old and sentimental.
John Dean
I still love the unique bands. The ones' whose sound has never been copied like Jethro Tull. The inspirational mixed with pure genius like Kate Bush. Or the beginnings of something I'll love the outcome of. For example, I love Wilco but realize that an older love named Dumptruck started the loose, bizarre, country-alt-pop thing.

If anything, I find most of the popular stuff of yesteryear pretty horrible. The funny part is that I didn't like it when it was popular. I liked it once it wasn't popular. And now look back on it as a big mistake. Would anyone like a Billy Joels Greatest Hits CD? Don't all raise your hands at once. How about Fleetwood Mac? Or the Eagles? Or any other late 70's band I hated in High School, like in college, loved with better hifi equipment, and now find completely boring.
I loved Jethro Tull. Seen them a dozen times. Best show was with Electric Light Orchestra. Now, everytime I try to play any of their albums or cd's, I terminate the session after a few tunes. But, for their time, they were one of the most creative rock bands to emerge.

For those of you who have seen them in concert, you'll know what this means: "Don't let anyone ever tell you that Jethro Tull doesn't have their sh_t together."
I bought all the Zep stuff on CD and played it once. I just could not get into it. I would go for a jog with my headphones and physical graffiti. Still didn't move me. Then I bought a scout turntable and zep zoso. This is what I grew up with. As time goes by the vinly zep collection will grow.

I do agree that U2 is like nails on a chalk board.

Talking about Tull, I just picked up Ian Andersons Rupi's Dance. I thought it was pretty good! I also scored the Tull Christmas CD but probably won't try it out for at least 11 more months.

By the way this thread is hilarious everyone's being way to honest. And in keeping with this I'll confess I'm having a hard time with the beatles these days, I sold about half of my beatles CD's last year.
Seems like alot of stuff is better as a memory, (playing it on the system isn't as good as having it play back in the head). Sometimes this might be because the analog versions got vandalized when they were turned into cds. The old musical tastebuds (and other skull contents) don't stay the same either. Most hair farmer metal (even the Shrapnel label stuff) doesn't spin the propeller anymore. Late Return to Forever, Dixie Dregs, Herbie Hancock/Rockit. Some Philip Glass and Tangerine Dream, alot of Private Music label and Windham Hill releases are getting the old shoe treatment.
No, not the shoe treatment for TD. It must not be the Virgin stuff.
Hey Rwwear,
You got me, can't ditch Force Majeure, Rubycon or some of the other 70's stuff. It really amazed me though how lame and pedestrian some of their later stuff seems now.
I could not agree more with the Zep statement. They're old and tired sounding today. I must have had more energy when I was younger.

Glen, Tull Christmas CD is quite good. I like it better than Rupi's dance.
I have Rubicon on SACD.
Thanks for the Tull suggestions! It is amazing that a thread directed toward musical fatigue can also have a neat suggestion in it, too!
Rwwear, Rubicon was formed in 1992 after Fields Of The Nephilim broke up,(ie. the singer Carl McCoy left the band)and was replaced with Andy Delany. Carl continued with the phonetic spelling Nefilim.
Sorry, I meant Rubycon by Tangerine Dream in response to Duanegoosen's thread.
No problem Rwwear, Just wanted to be sure that a GOTHIC rock band is on a SACD. Just got to wait.