You Tube sound comparisons

Yes it’s the high end AB testing videotaped and seen by thousands.

I have seen many of these and it sounds very good.  But I have great trouble discerning diffs between speakers, or amps or whatever.  Am I alone?

After all, sound is being heard thru my speakers.   Seems like this is a problem.  Yet so many offer their comments convinced they hear diffs.  

Dude, switch hobbies then
It’s not a hobby.  It’s a means to obtain exceptional satisfying SQ.

hobby is not buying equip, paying more for an upgrade, making decisions when poor info exists, dealing with insanely complex tech stuff that most don’t understand.  This is not a hobby situation.
Hi! I have been able to identify certain speakers that I would not buy due to YouTube. Once I have identified the two or three I like, then search for where they are and whether it is possible to demonstrate in real time. Sometimes it can help me make a good choice. But this is all relative.
It’s not a hobby. It’s a means to obtain exceptional satisfying SQ.
It’s a hobby:
noun: hobby; plural noun: hobbies
  1. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Nobody enjoys choosing a speaker, or worse a preamp.  It is very unpleasant.  I am close to being beyond all the crap.