You Tube sound comparisons

Yes it’s the high end AB testing videotaped and seen by thousands.

I have seen many of these and it sounds very good.  But I have great trouble discerning diffs between speakers, or amps or whatever.  Am I alone?

After all, sound is being heard thru my speakers.   Seems like this is a problem.  Yet so many offer their comments convinced they hear diffs.  


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Wish they would do shorter segments, ie. 15 seconds vs 15 seconds of same music section.  Makes it easier to compare. 
It’s about the music not the wire filled boxes.  
It’s about the feel of the car not who sees you.
Good luck finding a dealer with a nice high speaker selection, and ready to test.  YouTube sucks for comparing.  Likely biased, paid reviewers seem good but biased.

overpriced stuff, it all sucks. Buy something nice to look at. It all sucks
Nobody enjoys choosing a speaker, or worse a preamp.  It is very unpleasant.  I am close to being beyond all the crap. 
It’s not a hobby.  It’s a means to obtain exceptional satisfying SQ.

hobby is not buying equip, paying more for an upgrade, making decisions when poor info exists, dealing with insanely complex tech stuff that most don’t understand.  This is not a hobby situation.
very nice.

all would be better and so much less frustrating if companies would do a better job describing their products.  Matching components is a very complex technical process, and not well understood by many.

sure I feel comfortable pairing b&w with Macintosh cause that’s what I hear by many.  Issues like impedance and voltage gain, watts, sensitivity, etc. are critical to a good match.  It’s sad there is limited well written comments about this process.  If your system sounds off, this is no doubt why.  Dealers are quite limited about this area.  This is why manufacturers need to step up their game, a lot.