You Tube sound comparisons

Yes it’s the high end AB testing videotaped and seen by thousands.

I have seen many of these and it sounds very good.  But I have great trouble discerning diffs between speakers, or amps or whatever.  Am I alone?

After all, sound is being heard thru my speakers.   Seems like this is a problem.  Yet so many offer their comments convinced they hear diffs.  


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@emergingsoul... you still sleeping on that schiit freya plus on us audiomart??  Its gonna be gone!  
Dude, switch hobbies then
True, but if you want the music to sound its best, then a good and well thought out system is something you should have if you can.  
Some people like myself, love cars and stereos for a variety of reasons.  I love researching cars and stereo equipment.  I love learning the different engineering aspects and design philosophies.  I love the history, the passion, the blood sweat and tears.  Most of all, I love when all the research and sacrifice I’ve made results in the ability to purchase something that I’ve been excited about for weeks, months, years...

The culmination of all the above is either being swept away in the music or completely immersed in the moment on a twisty canyon road, yellow aspen leaves blowing in the wind, crystal clear mountain stream below you...

@Emergingsoul, learn to enjoy life a bit.  By the way, you complained up and down about not getting your freya and said you’d pay double or whatever for a preowned one.  Well I found one, $100 less than new.  You can buy that one and get a refund from Schiit and quit complaining but will you?  Nope...