You Tube sound comparisons

Yes it’s the high end AB testing videotaped and seen by thousands.

I have seen many of these and it sounds very good.  But I have great trouble discerning diffs between speakers, or amps or whatever.  Am I alone?

After all, sound is being heard thru my speakers.   Seems like this is a problem.  Yet so many offer their comments convinced they hear diffs.  

Obviously what you hear is a far cry from the actual in the room sound. Still, if you listen after a while you can get a pretty good sense. Surprisingly good. I started with this Let There Be Sound! channel that helped me a lot buying my Koetsu Black Goldline and Herron phono stage. Even though that's not what its about, still after listening to several different records being played on the different rigs I got a real good sense of their character. In my room and system of course its in another universe. But still it sounds familiar. Same for listening to Moabs. There's a couple good Synergistic demo's too. 

I suggest listening to a number of these Listen to ones with the same cartridge and stage first, then compare to different carts and stages. They aren't really true comparisons. The recordings are all different. But pay attention to the components while listening. Don't focus on any one thing in particular. Just listen to the music. After a while I think you will see what I mean. Maybe go find the same tracks elsewhere, off CD or whatever. Just to get used to the idea of comparing on a laptop. Or with phones. Be patient. Give it some time. I think you will get the hang of it and after a while be surprised how well it works. 
Miller is right, I did a lot of this kind of youtube listening as well. I always use Grado RS-1 headphones for that, not speakers.
The recording quality should be close for any meaningful comparison.
I didn't compare cartridges and turntables, only amps and speakers.
Of course, you cannot hear anything close to everything there is to hear, but still it can give you a pretty good idea.
One example. Same recording quality recorded by the same people. First, there was all Gryphon system with cd player as a source and Gryphon midrange speakers driven by 300 watt/ch class AB Diablo 300 integrated. It sounded very good. Then, same recording and same system except now it was driven by Gryphon preamp and Class A power amp, both not top of the line. The difference was striking, it was much better. Three times the price, I guess. Was it worth it? Hell yes.
I listened to a lot of speakers in various systems. Didn't like the sound of either Magico or Wilson. Did like a lot the sound of Kharma, Lansche too.
Kharma/Lamm and Kharma/Wavac, both with Purist Audio cabling were super. As was JM Labs Grand Utopia driven by top of the line VAC electronics. Harbeths were very musical but slow with not enough resolution and bass.
So, I wouldn't buy expensive pieces based only on youtube listening but relatively inexpensive I might take a risk with.
I am in the process of recording a bunch of these videos now comparing speakers and amplifiers.  After some testing I have learned that the most important thing in being able to differentiate between speakers and some of the more subtle things in the sound profile is the quality of the microphone used to do the recording.  If they aren't using a good, stereo microphone, the quality of the recording won't deliver.  

For instance, phone recordings, as good as the iPhone and some android phones are, is not good enough to deliver a good experience.   I have learned the actual video is completely pointless and am recording different Video Clips to work in over the top of first rate recorded Audio.  That and getting my wife and daughter out of the house for a day so you can't hear Blippi in the background during recordings.  

You also have to use headphones.  Good headphones make all the difference.  
@emergingsoul, I would never make decisions on this type of information. There are too many confounding factors. You have good reason to view this skeptically.
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Wish they would do shorter segments, ie. 15 seconds vs 15 seconds of same music section.  Makes it easier to compare. 
Treat them skeptically. As mentioned, most of the mics used can't do a great job, especially for trying to judge how speakers will present images and soundstage. Most of those mics can't pick up low bass well too. 

They might help you narrow down a list of what to research further, but that's about it. 

Another consideration is that many channels are paid promotions...basically infomercials. Let the buyer beware. Cheers,
Wish they would do shorter segments, ie. 15 seconds vs 15 seconds of same music section.  Makes it easier to compare.

No, that is a crutch that makes it harder for you to learn HOW to compare!  
That is exactly why I said,
Don't focus on any one thing in particular. Just listen to the music. After a while I think you will see what I mean. Be patient. Give it some time. 

The level of listening you are doing when comparing little bitty samples of tracks is a completely different process from what it takes to absorb the full meaning conveyed in each case. All you do with your few seconds is focus on one itty bitty little aspect of the sound. If you listen this way then yes the videos are pointless. But listening this way ALL auditions are pointless! You must elevate yourself to a level where you are getting in tune with the whole presentation. I'm not saying this is easy. Few things worth doing are. But if you can learn to do it- wow. Whole new world.

@emergingsoul... you still sleeping on that schiit freya plus on us audiomart??  Its gonna be gone!  
The bottom line is there are not enough Brick and mortar stores locally so many of us have to rely on You tube as ONE avenue for selecting our components.....especially speakers. I have been able to identify certain speakers that I would not buy as a result of You Tube. Once I identify two or three that I like I then search where they are and if it is possible to do a live demo.
Good luck finding a dealer with a nice high speaker selection, and ready to test.  YouTube sucks for comparing.  Likely biased, paid reviewers seem good but biased.

overpriced stuff, it all sucks. Buy something nice to look at. It all sucks
It’s not a hobby.  It’s a means to obtain exceptional satisfying SQ.

hobby is not buying equip, paying more for an upgrade, making decisions when poor info exists, dealing with insanely complex tech stuff that most don’t understand.  This is not a hobby situation.
Hi! I have been able to identify certain speakers that I would not buy due to YouTube. Once I have identified the two or three I like, then search for where they are and whether it is possible to demonstrate in real time. Sometimes it can help me make a good choice. But this is all relative.
It’s not a hobby. It’s a means to obtain exceptional satisfying SQ.
It’s a hobby:
noun: hobby; plural noun: hobbies
  1. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Nobody enjoys choosing a speaker, or worse a preamp.  It is very unpleasant.  I am close to being beyond all the crap. 
I for sure enjoy the process of buying audio equipment, whether used or new. In fact, I get sad once I've bought something. Lol!
Nobody enjoys choosing a speaker, or worse a preamp.  It is very unpleasant.
It sounds like you need a new dealer. Your experience is certainly not universal.
It’s about the music not the wire filled boxes.  
It’s about the feel of the car not who sees you.
True, but if you want the music to sound its best, then a good and well thought out system is something you should have if you can.  
Some people like myself, love cars and stereos for a variety of reasons.  I love researching cars and stereo equipment.  I love learning the different engineering aspects and design philosophies.  I love the history, the passion, the blood sweat and tears.  Most of all, I love when all the research and sacrifice I’ve made results in the ability to purchase something that I’ve been excited about for weeks, months, years...

The culmination of all the above is either being swept away in the music or completely immersed in the moment on a twisty canyon road, yellow aspen leaves blowing in the wind, crystal clear mountain stream below you...

@Emergingsoul, learn to enjoy life a bit.  By the way, you complained up and down about not getting your freya and said you’d pay double or whatever for a preowned one.  Well I found one, $100 less than new.  You can buy that one and get a refund from Schiit and quit complaining but will you?  Nope...

very nice.

all would be better and so much less frustrating if companies would do a better job describing their products.  Matching components is a very complex technical process, and not well understood by many.

sure I feel comfortable pairing b&w with Macintosh cause that’s what I hear by many.  Issues like impedance and voltage gain, watts, sensitivity, etc. are critical to a good match.  It’s sad there is limited well written comments about this process.  If your system sounds off, this is no doubt why.  Dealers are quite limited about this area.  This is why manufacturers need to step up their game, a lot.