You should try this.

I'm sitting here reading the forums, catching up on listening to some new CD's. Anne McCue's new "Roll" is playing right now and it is pretty darn good. Saw her live a little over a year ago with Lucinda Williams. Nice sulty voice and she can play a mean guitar. She's from Down Under. Check out track 12 - Ballad of an Outlaw Woman. NUTHIN' sexier than a good looking woman playing slide guitar. Right now she's laying down Hendrix's Machine Gun and doin' a fine job, I might say. Check it out.

Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like something to look for.
This album sucks! Its only got two songs on it, and they are both the same!

It is a nice song tho'.

Seriously, I went out and bought "Roll," and seemed to have acquired a defective disc--it literally has track 3 on it twice, with nothing else. This has *never* happened to me before, and I'm at a loss to figure out how it did happen w/mass production. Very odd.

I did like what I heard, however. :)