You read a lot about D'Agostino nowadays but little about Krell

Is that because D'agostino was really the mastermind behind Krell? Or is Krell just headed in a new direction?

My opinion, it was a huge mistake that krell's investors run Dan D Agostino out of the company,  Dan is a friend of mine,  I have his personal cell number on speed dial on my phone,  he personally told me his side of that story,  I'm really amazed how he built his new company from the ground up and be offering the multiple model's of equipment  in the time frame his company has been in existence,  I'm also friends with a few their at krell,  yes,  krell is after a different business model than Dan,  I have talked to Bill Mckeagan about this on the phone in 2014.

So since you spoke to Krell what is their business model?

I will be up all night thinking about this.
You won't be alone ebm ... ;-)
 I think its the quality buddy who is manager of a higher end shop dumped the line due to way too many returns/repairs.Cant make money if it keeps coming back
Are you referring to Krell or D'Agostino?

Dan was the heart and soul of Krell.  The only direction they are going now is down hill.  Last year I purchased components worth 42K and both components had cosmetic and performance issues. The icing on the cake was their atrocious customer service.  I am still waiting for a phone call / email follow up since October 2015.  

Dan WAS Krell.  Period.

I don't know what Krell is now that he's gone, but my desire for their products left when Dan did.  It's really a shame how he was treated, but I hope Dan has amazing success with his new company.  I'm sure he will.

If you bought these pieces from a dealer why wouldn't they give you service? I don't think we are getting the whole story here.

taters, yes they were purchased through authorized Krell Dealer.  And all my dealer could say, 'you don't know how many times I have reached out to Krell for follow-up. 

Maybe Krell should change it's name to Karma? I cannot say that Dan is a personal friend, but have met and spoken with him more than once. The first occasion was years ago when he was with Krell and at Christopher Hansen's first store. Fast forward years later, he was out here in So Cal with his wife Petra meeting with one of the dealers that sells his D'Agostino equipment. I just happen to be in the store chatting with the owner about buying new amplifiers. He asked what speakers I had purchased and it was on after that question. ;) He is very nice man and rather quiet until you get him going about amplifier circuits, topology, etc. I last met with him at the Newport show last year. I am glad he found his way back into high end audio. Krell, well they can kiss my a$$.  

I haven't heard that name mentioned in years. I am talking about Christopher Hansen. I remember when he was the King of audio in Los Angeles. That must have been 25 years ago.


And people wonder why consumers are so untrusting of these high end audio companies.

Lalitk "I am still waiting for a phone call / email follow up since October 2015. " - So am I. )))
The current management at Krell been cashing every ounce of goodwill, once so proudly built and maintained by Mr. Agostino. 

I can understand about the company taking a new direction but one must maintain quality control and impeccable customer service to survive in this highly competitive high end audio industry. 

I have been keeping eye on Dan's new venture and anxiously waiting for his company to go full circle with wide range of 2-CH, Multi-CH amps and HT processor. His latest 'Progression' mono amps looks stunning with a whopping 800w in 8 ohms. 

Not to get off subject, I have better luck with medium to small companies who are trying to create a niche in the high end. They are coming up with amazing products at a reasonable pricing.  And their customer service is simply stupendous. 

I've said before that Krell are now krap...