You're overbudget on gear, one more thing...

Save yourself the time and just click the button. Good stuff there. It's not gonna sound great without this caliber of pressings, so DO IT!

I have a good chunk of that list, but I have a feeling I would be hearing crickets If I did such a listing. Acquisition wasn't as easy -lots of bin diving. If you have a $50K+setup, no big deal.



clearthink- considering the amount some put into their rig, $100+ for an LP shouldn't be a big deal.

I guess seeing that amount as a lump sum for what the collection is, might be unsettling for some.

I get uncomfortable at the $20+ level. 

Though I will probably never purchase a "hot stamper", I do believe in the theory somewhat. We are talking about physical action that manually presses a vinyl puck into a record with a metal plate that is eventually changed out during a pressing run due to wear. This would mean to me that each press will be slightly different from the next as the plate microscopically wears from very first few in the run to the last before it is changed. If this wasn’t the case then the stamper could be used indefinitely, but they don’t do that. I’ve got multiple pressings of several albums and they do exhibit some differences on my system. With a less revealing set-up the differences are probably inaudible. I think one could locate their own "hot stamper" just by crate digging and doing your own comparison. The theory seems sound to me, and the buisness model is creative. I wish the seller luck on his sale.

As with any collecting hobby, some people are willing to pay collector's prices. I'm not one of them but neither do I object. Who cares how others spend their money? As it is, most people think audiophiles like us spend crazy money, so who are we to judge?

"I think one could locate their own "hot stamper" just by crate digging and doing your own comparison."

bimmerman2- That's all it is-find multiple copies of the period release. Not so easy, if we're talking 50+ year old LP's. Most will be noisy/groove damaged, especially if it's something in demand.

Putting in the time and effort does command a premium. You're paying for a cleaning and sifting of MANY LP's to find "the one."

This album has been listed for OVER $500 as a "WHITE HOT STAMPER."

, I found one for $8.00.  There IS a difference. I'm just a poor audiophool though-no "HOT STAMPERS" without doing the heavy lifting.