You're favorite CD for breaking in new speakers...

My recently purchased speakers (Escalante Design's Fremonts) came with setup instructions that suggested NOT using burn-in specific discs. They feel that full range titles with dense midranges work best.

So my cd title of choice has been and is Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girls". Vocals are very rich and palpable, synth bass goes deep and highs are very extended. Though several cuts may have limited appeal there is much to enjoy, but hey, I've always been a fan.

All suggestions appreciated as I have several hundred more hours to go.
I'd use Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief", if that's a genre you enjoy. Dense. Dynamic. Frequency extremes.
Funny you should suggest Radiohead. I just got back from a cable shootout this afternoon. The first vinyl that was spun was Radiohead. I think it was an EP. I heard much of what you describe. I'll give it a listen at Borders tonight. Thanks!
You're welcome. Fantastic speakers. I hope to hear a pair one day.
If they weren't so heavy I would lug them up your way for a demo. The tweeter is amazing... just hours out of the crates and highs were sublime.
I like the Gladiator sound track. Goes to all the extremes. Will really give your speakers a workout. I will alternate that with other discs like femal vocals that I listen to alot.
I think soundtracks are often a good choice. I've been told the soundtrack for "The Thin Red Line" is a good choice as well as "The Planet of the Apes".
yup the Gladiator is great for this kind of job....
Barry White's Icon of Love. Will move your woofers like no other. Synthesizer bass that shacks the room. Nice recording. Throw a little Gladiator in there and your speakers (depending of course on the brand) will be ready after a couple of hundred hours--
Two CD's I often use:

1. Sigur Ros - Tak
2. Soundtrack to "A Beautiful Mind"

Jah Wobble "Take Me to God".
Jah Wobble & Evan Parker -- "Passage to the Hades" on,
Another one with wider spectrum and furious dynamics
Praxis -- "Transmutation"
I remember using REM's Out of Time, Midnight Oil's Blue Sky Mining, and U2's Achtung Baby, and Fixx- Reach The Beach.
Now I guess it would be stuff like Diego Urcola, and Eldar, and Staind or DamagePlan. :)
Ayre Acoustics "Irrational But Efficacious". Sean
I use all of these to "break" stuff:
Metallica the Black Album
Mahler 5th Symphony conducted by Riccardo Chailly
Tutti Orchestral Sampler
AC/DC - Highway to Hell

something dynamic and full range should be used.
Also volume set to the level you normally listen on.
Also volume set to the level you normally listen on.
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The manufacturer of my loudspeakers recommends loud volume, FWIW.

I like the suggestion of "Back in Black" and the "Black Album". Those two will certainly do it.
Tvad, I had no idea you were into Metallica!
Black album loud is what I used to break in my speakers when I bought them.