You Never Know?

For all these years, I thought "Billy Root", was Black. I just found out today he was "White"; he certainly sounded Black, that cat could blow, he was on par with "Pepper Adams" on baritone, who I know is "White". But it goes both ways, I always thought "Buddy" Collette was "White", that's because he sounds White. I'm the kind of guy who use to just listens to the music without finding out anything about the musician; at least that's the kind of guy I was for most of life. Now there is no way you can call a guy an "Aficionado" who only listens to the music without knowing anything about the musicians, so I plead guilty to my past before I became an aficionado.

I declare this "Billy Root" day for all the people who never heard of him, and that's why I'm making a separate thread as opposed to going under the "Aficionado" thread. Information about "Billy Root";

His solo on Benny Green's "Soul Stirrin" is absolute killer, and that's when he came to my attention ages ago; that was long before we had this instant knowledge at our fingertips called a PC.

Now I'm going to "you tube" and find his music I like that I've never heard before; I'll share this with you, and I would like your comments.

I've never heard this before, Billy Root's solo is long and boss.

Enjoy the music.

Thanks for sharing the information.
Truly amazing music... my collection continues to grow :-)
Best regards,
I've been a devout admirer of jazz for about 25 years, attending live shows and building a library of recordings. Despite that I find there's always someone who escaped my radar. The depth of jazz is so deep and vast, there's are many talented musicians who go unknown and certainly under appreciated. Thanks for bringing Billy Root to my attention.