You must be kidding !

One of the top speaker companies  , KEF, has just brought out one of their uni-speakers in a sofa pillow driven by wireless Wife complaints are defeated forever .
Warner also inroduced a toaster with a large slot off to one side for taking the warp out of records....
I saw that tomic601, and put my order I for one that does 12” records and the special today is if you buy the 12” one you get one for 45’s for half price!
 I just couldn’t resist.  Such a deal!

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Political debate? WTF? Did I miss something, or were the political posts deleted?


Thanks, now my Amazon search history includes "KEF sofa speaker".
Record warp has always been political the left side of the warp rises up the meet the downhill decline of the right side of the warp...

Analog is DEAD!
They, yes, they...are converting Big Ben to digital!